Friday, October 1, 2010

Fun with embroidery

So when I had a custom order last week, one of her requests was that her name be embroidered on the inside of the bag. I told her I thought I might be able to do that, and talked to my mother-in-law, who I knew had an embroidery machine. Well, she did, a Pfaff, and look what it can do!
This machine has caused quite the headache this week--missing power cables (did you know that the power cord from a cable box is identical to the kind needed in most sewing machines?), missing bobbin cases, etc. All the Pfaff stores near us either didn't have parts or were closed, and I need to get this bag out ASAP, so my mother-in-law went to the store near her and found the required parts. So last night Adam got home from work and we packed the kids into the car for a trip to New Jersey. The trip over took an hour and a half, twice as long as it is without traffic. We stayed for an hour or two and then packed our screaming kids back into the car, where Daniel screamed for about 30 minutes. He used to scream every time he was put in a carseat, but that was months ago, so it was not fun to live through that. Katrina ate her crackers calmly and kept saying, "All right, baby. All right."

One of the reasons Daniel may have been upset could have been the rain coming down in torrents. We very nearly turned around and spent the night in Jersey. Apparently the remnants of a tropical storm are causing intense storms and flooding in our area, and we got to drive through it. Thankfully the rain got better when we crossed into Pennsylvania and Daniel also fell asleep about then.

On the way home, we introduced Katrina to the concept of last names. We told her Daddy's full name, and then Mommy's full name, and then her full name. Then she hazarded a guess at Daniel's name: "Baby...James." Yes, she insists on calling him Baby. She will occasionally call him Daniel if we ask her to, but in her mind, his name is Baby.

Well both kids are napping but I can't finish glueing this bag because I've run out of the good glue and the other glue was causing me so much frustration that I tossed it. I also have three or four scraps of fabric with the name "Jessica" on it in various degrees of success. I'm not quite sure what to do with those. :]


Jolena said...

It turned out fantastic! I can't wait to see it with the frame on it. Random question, what kind of glue do you use to glue the frame on?

Tasha's Life said...

Tori - Amazing as usual! How fun to make it even more custom made.