Monday, October 18, 2010

A few kid pics

I was photographing a bag this morning outside and Katrina joined me.
She absolutely loves this pajama top and sometimes will wear it nonstop until we can wrestle it off of her for baths. What makes it worse is that she has another one identical to it and a similar one with a different design, so she can go her whole life wearing the same outfit (because we also have three sets of matching pants). How awesome is that? (Not very).
"That way, Mommy, that way!" She wanted to go to the park, but I told her Daniel was sleeping. Here she was trying to peek in at him through the window.
So on Saturday, I think it was, Daniel was having a rare happy moment, so I tried to capture some pictures. I got some cute ones.

This one is my favorite:
And this one:

Daniel can be a cutie. I wish he weren't so attached to me. He and Katrina both have a cold (and heck, I have it too) so there are a lot of cranky people in this apartment. Katrina was brought to me yesterday from nursery because she was so upset in there. That's never happened in the whole year she's been in there. Daniel is definitely happier, so his ears must be improved, but he still wants to be attached to me constantly, preferably with my standing up. Unless he wants to lunge for something on the floor, then I need to bend down so he can reach for it. Who needs to crawl or walk when you can actually get everything yourself (with Mommy helping)? I try to force the floor time, and he really is quite skilled at rolling and scooting and spinning around on his belly, but that only lasts a few minutes and then he's crying for me. :[

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Elise said...

Wooooh, that sounds so familiar! Everett was the exact same way. It wore me out. Hang in there! You're awesome.