Monday, October 11, 2010

Ear infection

After a sleepless night for both Daniel and me, Daniel woke up with a 104 degree fever. I called the doctor as soon as it opened and we got him in. Turns out he has a bad ear infection in both ears. The doctor said it might be viral because he didn't really have any cold symptoms that I noticed, but we're treating it with antibiotics. He hasn't had a fever for the last few hours, so I have hopes the antibiotics are kicking in. It's been a pretty miserable day dealing with him. Thankfully he and Katrina are now asleep, after entertaining each other for awhile in their room. I am really happy with this set up. We still have the pack n play in our room, which is good for naps and nights like last night, but our room now feels like our own again, for the first time in ten months!

I'm tired though. I'm not sure I'll get anything done tonight. Thankfully I got some listings up in my shop earlier today. I really like this one:

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