Saturday, October 2, 2010

Christmas gift for Katrina

Today during Conference I wanted to have something with which to occupy myself. I decided to work on the first of two floor pillows from this tutorial. One of the pictures in their Flickr group shows three solid-colored pillows with designs embroidered around the sides. I really liked that idea and decided to copy it for Christmas gifts for Katrina and Daniel. I cut them both out a week or so ago, and today during General Conference I drew the designs and embroidered them, and then sewed up the pillow while Adam was at the Priesthoood session.

Okay, first I want to show a kind of funny picture from today. When I went to get Katrina from her nap, I found this on her floor. For some reason it makes me laugh so much to see all the little marching blocks. K, here's the pillow.
I'm not very experienced with embroidery, and this was pretty thick fabric, but I figured out a good method and stuck with it. I probably could have saved my fingers some soreness by using a thimble, but I was stubborn.

My designs aren't necessarily polished or centered, but Katrina saw them and loved the "happy ca-pi-er" and "happy bu-fly," so I think she'll be really happy with the pillow. No, I know she'll love it. Adam told me to hide it because the moment she sees it she'll be very possessive and won't want to let go, and he's right! I'll hide it in my closet tonight.

I totally copied the dandelion idea from the Flickr pillow!
And I finished it up impatiently with a wonky handle and slightly messy seam, but it's done!
Tomorrow I will work on Daniel's during Conference again, though I'm not sure the kids will be able to behave as well and nap as well for a second day in a row, so we'll see. I'm planning on making trains and cars for Daniel's.

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Amy @ Journey Mum said...

That is AMAZING! I'd never let it out of my sight either. :)

Al said...

I love the embroidered detail