Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Tori Show!

Tonight was our Relief Society Activity, and it totally was the Tori Show. It made me laugh, and I didn't really mind because I'm usually the one running after my kids during the meetings throwing in the occasional, "That sounds great!" But then our committee chair was released and the other member of the committee was away until last week, so it was up to me and the Relief Society counselor to plan it. We decided to do a craft, and I came up with the idea. We used the same technique from this living room project from several months ago. We had a great turnout, around 30 sisters. I gave them the choice of a flat canvas or a large square tile. I also gave the lesson beforehand.

The theme was Strengthening Families. Adam and I received a plaque from his mission president a few years ago and it has a list of ten things on it that we should strive to do in our families. Here is the list:

1. Daily Private Personal Prayer
2. Daily Personal Scripture Study
3. Daily Family Prayer
4. Daily Family Scripture Study
5. Weekly Meaningful Family Home Evening
6. Regular Family Council
7. Regular One-on-One Interviews with the Children
8. Daily Companion Prayer
9. Weekly Executive Committee Meeting with your Spouse
10. Weekly Companion Gospel Conversation

I think I did pretty well with my talk. I tried to prepare beforehand but I was doing it while the kids were watching tv, so it was hard to concentrate. I ended up winging a lot of it, but it turned out fine. Then we went to the gym and I taught them how to do the craft, which was the above list with a picture of the temple in the background. Adam make it up for me. He has been doing all of the graphics for my etsy shop too!

Today was crazy getting prepared. I had done some shopping on Monday but still had more to do. I took the kids in the stroller to get apples at the store. Then I had to make apple crisp for the dessert. I ordered the papers we needed online and Adam stopped by Fedex to pick them up for me after work. I made a crockpot meal to be ready by 5. We left at 5:30 to go to the church and had to stop by Home Depot to buy tiles. Adam came along with the kids so I could nurse Daniel right before the activity, and then they went home. Whew. It was a long day. And instead of getting all of my purse interfacings fused tonight I've done nothing! I have all of the bag outsides done, and all of the insides and pockets and interfacings cut out, but I need to fuse everything, make credit card slots, make zippered pockets and then put it together. Then glue them into the frames. I have 18 bags that I've been making, so that's why it's taking me so dang long.

On top of all of that, I have a case of mastitis developing, so I've been trying to pump regularly and take tylenol and avoid picking up Daniel because it hurts, while still encouraging him to nurse lots. I hope I head it off before I need to get antibiotics.

Well, I'm going to go try to fuse some intrefacing before I get too sleepy!


Shalyse said...

The pictures look awesome from your other post! Great job teaching the in R.S.! You are amazing with your craftiness and actually being able to finish something you start, unlike me who has a million unfinished projects.... I need to be more like you. :) I love your family! Beautiful kids by the way!

lsj said...

You are definitely learning to multitask. Years from now you will wonder how you ever managed.

Elizabeth said...

Wow! Busy girl! Good you could get so much done! I'm sure all the sisters appreciated your efforts.

xo -E