Sunday, September 19, 2010

Swimming, concussions, and Grand Openings

Adam spent Friday night and Saturday camping with the Scouts at a Delaware beach. I spent the evening glueing bags like crazy and trying to find something good on tv. Which failed. I ended up watching the same Star Trek episode twice because nothing else was on.

Saturday after the camping trip, we headed over to a friend's house for a little pool party. This couple just got a pool in their backyard and invited a bunch of little kids from the ward (and their parents were also invited, of course. :] This was Katrina's first time in a big pool since last summer, and she was definitely more tentative than before. She sat on the top step for awhile until Adam got her to go out into the pool with him. I think she ended up enjoying herself even though she was still pretty terrified. She kept laughing hysterically. Daniel spent the first while sitting on that same step and sitting next to me on the side of the pool, but then his dad took him out too and Daniel loved it when he was floating around on his belly with his head up. The moment Adam would put him in a more vertical position he would squawk, so Adam just let him cruise around on his stomach and Daniel made strange drawn-out grunts that we think mean he's enjoying himself.

Then Adam and one of the other dads started having fun doing headstands and swimming back and forth underwater. Unfortunately, the sides of pool weren't super clear underwater (the other dad said he was a little confused underneath the water too) and when Adam was reaching for the side he got disoriented and ended up propelling himself headfirst into the side of the pool. Ouch! Some of you may not know that Adam is a former lifeguard and basically a fish in the water, so he was rather rueful about the whole thing. He knew right away that he had a minor concussion, so I did the driving and we kept a watch on him. Other than whooziness and a major headache, he was fine, though we noticed today he has a scab under his hairline.

So last night we got out the photobox we made and started taking photos. I think we did pretty well!
If you want to check out my stuff, Toriska Bags & Crafts is up and running! You can get to it easily through the widget on the side of our blog. I currently have six bags up. I am taking break today for Sunday and then tomorrow I'll be glueing more with the hope of listing them the next day (it takes at least 24 hours for the glue to dry). My first batch of bags should be completely up by the end of this week!

Now that I've started I'm really excited, but I don't want to turn this blog into a business blog or anything. However, I still like to link up my projects to various craft blog parties, so I will be including some posts with pictures of the individual bags. Also, if by any chance you are interested in buying a bag, and you are a friend (that I've met in person) I am offering a bit of a discount, and a little bigger discount for family.

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Elise said...

These bags are beautiful! I wish I had a place to use a clutch. I love the blue/grey ones the best, I think. I love all the different styles of sewing. You're awesome! What are the handles made out of? They are really nice!