Friday, September 17, 2010

Sloooow progress

The absolute worst part of these bags is the last step, getting the bags into the frames. It's my least favorite part, by far. Because I've been doing these bags assembly-line style, I've ended up with having to do all of these at once:
I actually still have five more bags to finish some sewing on, so that makes the total 18 bags. I only have 15 frames though, so I can put aside the ones that I don't love until the next batch.
Two down, thirteen to go...Did I mention how much I hate glueing these into the frames? Sticky, smelly, time-consuming, ugh. I think I might raise my prices after dealing with this part. ;]


Jolena said...

I'm so going to buy one and send it to all my friends. :)

Cindy said...

They all look great!

There are a few people who advertise their etsy products on craigslist and on ksl classifieds. Just an idea ;). Good luck!