Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Pottytraining and Five more bags

So pottytraining has been a bit of a drawn-out process, but that's all right, Katrina started pretty young. And I didn't have to change all those diapers, so I don't mind!

Last week I was getting very frustrated. I kept turning around to find little puddles as Katrina was scrambling to mop them up or pulling off her wet clothes and taking them to the hamper. While it's cool that she was taking care of her own mess, it was not cool to be having so many accidents. So we reinstated awards for successes. And it's amazing how well "baby marmosh" work in pottytraining! Katrina takes herself to the bathroom without any prompting as long as she gets a little marshmallow afterwards.

Yesterday's efforts: I made two like this with snaps because they were too small for frames.
(Photos courtesy of Adam. More bags and pictures here.)

Sorry if you're getting tired of all the bags! I want to be able to share them as my finished sewing projects for the week on one of my favorite blog parties later in the week, Sew & Tell at AmyLouWho.

Show N Tell at Blue Cricket Design


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