Saturday, September 11, 2010

Our Saturday

We wanted to get out of the house today and take advantage of the beautiful weather, so we headed down to Linvilla, the same place where we picked blueberries earlier this summer. In fact, we could have picked peaches and apples today, but we just played.
Starting off our trip.
Here is Daniel in his new carseat.
A rare picture with me in it--Adam actually was in charge of the camera for the first part. I'm usually behind the lens.
Feeding the ducks.
Looking at the horses and pigs.
Daniel chillin'.
A cow.
This place has an awesome playground, with a huge play structure and tons of wooden structures to climb on. She never actually went to the playground part, just climbed on the wooden structures.
Playing in the airplane.

The menfolk in the shade.

And wow, a second picture of me.
So that was our day. Adam had a priesthood leadership meeting this afternoon and is still at the church for the adult session for Stake Conference. We have Elder Neil Anderson of the Quorum of the Twelve here, which is pretty cool because neither Adam nor I remember having an apostle at stake conference. Tomorrow I'm going and leaving the kids home with Adam.
Also, I set up my business today with the State of Pennsylvania! I am now the owner of Toriska Bags & Crafts. This whole selling-a-few-bags-to-earn-money thing has become much more complicated than I planned. I'm waiting on my custom tags to arrive in the mail, plus I am buying some special mailing boxes and packaging. Lots of $$$! But ultimately I think it will be worth it to do everything the right way. I have two bags completely put together and tonight will finish up six more. Then I can put them in their frames and once the tags arrive, they will be ready for selling. Next week I will put together the other ten bags I have partially done.

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Jolena said...

Oh yay! I can't wait to see your finished purses!