Friday, September 3, 2010

My cute family

Tonight we ran some errands as a family. Our last stop was to Home Depot, where we decided to let the kids share a cart.
They were both thrilled. Daniel kept craning his neck in weird angles so he could see the lights overhead. We took him through the lighting section for fun and his eyes couldn't have gotten any bigger.
He kept reaching for Katrina's sucker and her steering wheel, but she was fairly adept at keeping her candy away from him, and she would insistently point at his wheel and tell him to stay on his side, basically. They were very cute and actually got along really well. I hope that lasts!

I love my cute kids and husband!
Then we went home, put the kids to bed, and built a light box for my bags!

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Jolena said...

It blows me away how much they look like each other. What a fun evening!