Thursday, September 2, 2010

Life is good

Sometimes I think I complain too much on this blog and I just wanted to say that lately, both of my kids have been exceedingly cute and Katrina has been really obedient. For instance, today she had an accident (not good). I asked her to take off her dirty clothes, put them in the hamper, and go get new underwear. She followed all requests with no issues. Whenever we want to go somewhere, we instruct her to go get her socks, shoes, etc, and she runs to her room and gets them. Sometimes I ask her for help finding my shoes or the phone and she runs around babbling things in a worried voice as we look for it.

Daniel still wakes up multiple times a night. :[ Last night I tried to get him to eat extra when he woke up to eat at 11:30, and it seems to have worked, since he slept until 5:30! I went to bed after midnight, but I still got five hours of sleep in a row! Today we stuck him in one of Katrina's pullups, just in case the cloth diapers are what are keeping him from sleeping well. I hate to say it, but I'm hoping it doesn't make a difference, because who wants to go back to spending money on diapers after eliminating that expense?

During the day he is much happier. He spends a lot of time playing with toys on the floor, jumping around in his jumperoo, and just smiling and being pleasant. Meal times are especially fun. Katrina chatters away, Daniel enjoys trying new foods, and we all have fun. Both kids love to squeal. Today in the backseat of the car they started squealing back at each other in the same high-pitched squeal. It was pretty funny, if a little ear-splitting. I love seeing them interact.

Katrina loves to hug and kiss Daniel. And lay in his lap. And sit in front of, next to, or behind him. She plays peekaboo with him while he is in his highchair. He usually loves it too.

Adam is pretty overwhelmed lately. He has work, church (Scouting), cycling, CFA (did I mention he's signed up for a really big licensing exam that will require about an hour a day of studying between now and June?), and being a dad and father too, of course. He's stretched pretty thin. I try to keep up with the rest of things so he can concentrate. I've been doing pretty well at making dinner every night. Not so well at cleaning. Usually I can keep one room clean for several days in a row, but the other ones lag behind, so then I'll switch my attention to another room but the other room falls into disarray too. :[ Someday I'll figure this homemaking thing out!

Anyway, I still think life is pretty good, even though we have plenty of stressful things to worry about. Off to go sew more bags and watch DVDs of Burn Notice!

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