Monday, September 27, 2010

Happy Monday!

Yesterday was one of those tough Sacrament meetings that pop up periodically. The happy thing is that those sorts of Sundays don't happen every week anymore! From the moment Katrina realized we didn't bring her blanket, everything went downhill. I jumped up to help the choir sing (they had only one alto!) and she cried and cried. She had absolutely no volume control while talking and playing (we've been scaling down her Sunday bag but starting next week she's going to get a coloring book and colored pencils and that's all!) Her slight runny nose from Saturday turned into a faucet of yellow grossness. I couldn't imagine leaving her in nursery like that, so after Sacrament meeting we headed home. Daniel gets fussy about ten minutes into every Sacrament meeting and insists on being held for the rest of the meeting, so Adam is well acquainted with the foyer these days. He even knows that a certain car across the street from the church leaves at the exact same time every single week, since he's always standing there with Daniel in his arms watching!

Our day really seemed like it was going to be awful, but when we got home we stuck both kids in their rooms and both of them napped for about three hours. Ah, heaven. Adam made calzones, yum. Then we headed out on a ride. We didn't have much gas, so we couldn't go far, but somehow we happened onto a part of the area that we've never seen before. It was gorgeous! So many trees, and huge houses, and fields with horses and riders practicing. I absolutely love the area we live in.

Then I finished off the night working on my nephew's Christmas present--a bug pillow pet! I'm using fabric from his quilt so it will match. I don't have anything sewn together yet, just cut out, but I'm pretty sure it will be awesome.

Oh, and here's the really exciting part--someone wants me to make multiple bags for her wedding. I'm ecstatic!

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