Friday, September 24, 2010

Giveaway and other non-bag related stuff

First off, I want to announce a giveaway for one of my bags. If you want a chance to win, go to my new blog and follow the directions.

Second, well, not much is going on. I finally bought some new batteries for my video camera so I'm trying to get some good videos of Daniel. His favorite syllable has changed from "yi yi yi" to "ee-yeah!" He is rolling much more fluently and has been a stomach sleeping baby for a few weeks now. He doesn't hate tummy time as much anymore and sometimes is happy rolling around on the floor for a long time. He likes to crawl all over me and pull himself up on my body and stand on me, but doesn't do any of those things any other time.

Katrina hasn't been doing much lately. We need to have another tv "breaking" period. I really liked it when we didn't watch it much. But then we all got sick or something and it's on all morning again. Grr. That requires me to do something about it, I just need to get up the energy!

Christmas is approaching so quickly, goodness! When you are making all or most of your gifts, you need to start much earlier. Unfortunately, this year our gifts to extended family are going to be rather slim, but I'm still making gifts for the younger members of the family, because, well, I have so much fun doing it! I've got some great gifts planned and I will share them once I start working on them.

I finished a good book last night. It's called The Way of Kings by Brandon Sanderson. I really like his works. He is the author picked to finish up the Wheel of Time series by Robert Jordan and I think he's doing an excellent job. This book was the first in a similar epic series. I had a rough time getting into it--it's one of those hard core fantasies I normally skip over because it's not my thing, but I persevered because I enjoy this author's other books so much. Even though it's a really complicated world he's imagined, and I took several days to get past the first ten pages, I read the rest of the 1000 pages in another few days.

Adam is feeling the stress of life these days. Say an extra prayer for him, would you? Job stress is hard on a guy.

Well, we're planning a great weekend and I'll tell you about it afterwards, hopefully with a few pictures! Make sure to enter the giveaway! I know some people don't like family or friends to win their giveaways, but I would be thrilled if you did! I'm submitting it to several big giveaway blogs though, so I don't know how good your chances will be, but it's still worth a shot, right?

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