Thursday, September 9, 2010

Book Club and my Future Pianists

I woke up this morning and determined that I would get lots done on my etsy bags, no more slacking (i.e. being busy with other important things!). Then I checked my email and thankfully saw the reminder about Book Club, discussing Hunger Games, hosted place! I've really been looking forward to this, and only forgot about it because the Relief Society meeting last night took up so much of my thought. I cleaned as much as I could with reluctant children and then Adam helped me finish it up later on. I even managed to cook some coffee cake for the book club and dinner for us!

But what I really wanted was to show these pictures. The sad part about moving the crib into our room was that we had no more room for the keyboard, so we put it under the crib for storage. Today I took it out and let both kids play. Other than having to tell Katrina a couple of times, "No feet! No knees! No feet!" it went really well.

They shared really well.

Then Katrina arranged Daniel's legs so she could sit in front of him, like she likes to do. He puts up with it usually and pulls on her hair.
He did get a little tired of it because she was blocking his view of the keyboard, but that was after the pictures.
That blue dot on her chin was toothpaste.

I think I've got two little musicians here, don't you? Oh, that reminds me. The other day I thought Adam was in Katrina's room with her playing on her xylophone because I distinctly heard her playing the phrase "how I wonder what you are," from "Twinkle, Twinkle." She was doing a descending scale but hitting each note twice. Then she started doing an ascending scale hitting each note four times. It was remarkably precise. So maybe she really will be a little musical protege! :]

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Em said...

Your kids are SO stinkin' cute! No surprise are their mother! They are just adorable!