Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Baby stats

Daniel turned 9 months old last week and today was his doctor's appointment. Unfortunately, we all slept in and the alarm didn't wake us up. So at 9:10, I woke up and saw the clock, then shook Adam awake. He's never been that late to work. :[ Thankfully they didn't care. I was going to pick up my visiting teacher so she could accompany us to the doctor and be an extra set of hands, but there was no time, so she met me there.

Daniel's stats are:
Weight: 19 lbs 11 oz (33rd percentile)
Height: 28 inches (41st percentile)
Head: 18 inches (56th percentile)

My doctor's office also gives me his BMI and surface area on the printout I get. So Daniel's surface area is .42 meters squared! I think that's pretty funny. It's strange--he seems so big and chubby, but he's actually on the lower end and is about the same as Katrina was at his age. I thought normally boys were chunkier and previous to this he was, but not anymore. I love how the doctor remembers my kids. She oohed and ahhed over how big he's gotten and how crazy his hair is ("just like his sister's") and really is just the best doctor. I've seen other doctors from the same office and they are all nice. Why is it so much easier to find excellent pediatricians than it is to find good doctors for adults? I really don't like our family physician, and he's even gotten awards.

Both kids got sent straight to their rooms for naps when we got home. Katrina has had a really tough time falling asleep at night lately. On the days she takes naps she doesn't fall asleep until 10. I need the time in the afternoon where she naps or plays in her room, so giving up naptime entirely is not appealing to me. I guess I just need to wake her up early when she does fall asleep. :[

Daniel just woke up though, so I need to get him.

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