Wednesday, August 18, 2010

We're being blessed

My heart is very full tonight. As a result of an online forum I am apart of that consists of mostly other members of my church, I received a gift card in the mail today unsolicited from a lady. It's a large amount that we will be able to use for a new carseat for Daniel, something which was starting to really stress me out because he's growing out of his infant seat and I have a hard time getting the straps around him.

I feel like this is a blessing directly correlated to paying our tithing! Also, my mom gave me very good advice one time: whenever you are struggling particularly, whether with money or something else, increase your fast offerings, and the blessings will follow. I really believe that!


Elise said...

What is this forum?

I completely agree about the fast offerings. Your mother is a smart woman, and so are you :). I am so glad you're able to get a new car seat with this money. That IS a blessing.

Tasha's Life said...

I wholeheartedly believe in that, too! I've always remembered that myself. I'm so glad that worked out. I had a lovely chat with Adam tonight. :)

Sassy Sites! said...

WOW!! What a wonderful surprise and blessing to your family! Thanks for sharing this! The gospel is true and the principles are real! If we follow, we will be blessed! Cute blog by the way! :)

Elizabeth said...

Tithing is a really huge blessing in our lives. Thanks so much for sharing!

xo -E