Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Tidbits from this week

Katrina, pointing at Mommy's book: "Mommy!"
Me: "No, that's not mommy, that's a princess."
Katrina, pointing to a wedding picture of me, "Princess!"
Me, laughing, "You think Mommy is a princess?"
Katrina: "Mommy...princess."

Katrina: "6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 6, beep!" (imitating a microwave, I think).

Daniel now tries to kiss me, I'm pretty sure, because he goes after my face with his mouth open. He also responds all the time to the game How Big is Daniel? So Big!

We went to Adam's Court of Honor last night and Katrina found a soccer ball and went around to the other younger kids and kept trying to get them to play with her: "B-ball, Zat!" (Translation, "Basketball, Zach" to a kid named Alden who looks like Zach from nursery.), "B-ball, Ma" (Translation, "Basketball, Camilla!")

Other not-so-nice things: We had an Olive Oil bottle break two whole weeks ago and even though we cleaned the kitchen thoroughly and vacuumed the hallway next to it, yesterday I found a glass shard in Daniel's diaper. Yes, really. It had passed all the way through. He doesn't put things in his mouth, so it must have gotten stuck to his thumb, which he does put in his mouth. Then a few minutes later I looked down on the floor of the living room where he often plays and found another one. Then this morning I stepped on one in the kitchen and I think I might have a small shard stuck in my heel. :[ Keep in mind the bottle broke over two weeks ago and we haven't seen other shards.

Anyway, I realized I hadn't posted for a few days and thought I'd give a little update. I've basically been taking a sewing break since finishing my bag but I need to get to work on my Etsy bags and work on a few quick diapers because Daniel has three that barely fit him and one leaks, so I need to replace those.

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