Tuesday, August 10, 2010

This is why we got a new camera

I'm sure I've piqued your curiosity talking about purses I'm making for an etsy shop I'll be opening. Well I am still in the planning and buying supplies phase, and I've been perfecting my design. I still am waiting for my frames to come it, but since these purses are all rejects for one reason or another, they're not going to end up in frames, so I'll show them as is.
This one turned out pretty but I used normal cotton batting instead of fusible fleece and it ended up being too thick in the seams, so I won't be able to fit it into a frame. Plus, the credit card slots on the inside are too narrow.
But it's a nice design and I'll definitely use it again. This next one I tried to make it wider so I would have enough to fold in at the edges and it turned out very weird. I also sewed the wrong sides together, cut out the corners to make it stand up, and then realized my mistake and took out the stitches. But theose notches were still there, so I incorporated them into the design.

The one I made last night I had great hopes for. These pictures don't do it justice, and remind me of how frustrating this camera was (don't worry, I'll buy a new memory stick soon), but it really is cute. I figured out the perfect amount of interfacing and I think it's a good size. I made the credit card slots wide enough. I added a pocket on the other side. But I made the pocket and credit card slots too close to the top, so it interferes with where the frame will be. Adam was very disappointed when he asked if I could sell this one and I said no. He's very excited that I'll be making some extra money. :]
It's really cute so I'll probably make some modifications and keep it for myself.

And here's the cute girl who is currently throwing a tantrum because I won't give her "baby marmawwows (marshmallows)."

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Jolena said...

They are so cute! I can't wait to see what you come up with when you actually get to the point you can sell them, because at least from the pictures these look pretty sweet.