Monday, August 2, 2010

Poor sick toddler

Yesterday, after Katrina asked to go to the bathroom basically every half an hour at church, I started to suspect something was wrong. In the afternoon Adam noticed she was really hot, and after we got home from a Sunday ride and walk at a park, she was really hot and lethargic. I immediately suspected a UTI and the internet confirmed the symptoms to me.

So this morning we headed off to the doctor. I successfully got a 2-year-old to pee in a cup, which is quite the feat. The doctor checked her out, and then came back and said, "It's negative." Then she gave me some instructions about giving Katrina a bath twice a day without soap and then said, "If the culture comes back positive we'll treat it." I said okay but was a little confused. I guess they were testing for the same thing but with two different tests. Or something. I also assume they'll call me back with a prescription if it's positive. I really should ask more questions sometimes.

The poor girl has done so well with pottytraining. Last night we were all watching a movie together, and she got up, went to the bathroom, peed, and then came back. No announcing, no asking for help, all by herself! We were pretty proud of her. But she also peed twice today in her carseat, which I can't blame her for because she has to pee so dang often.

I have her napping now. I put her in her bed and I don't think she budged after that, even to play. Daniel on the other hand is super cranky. I think he's got another bottom tooth coming in. Plus he got his morning nap in chunks in the car and isn't very happy as a result. I just had to rescue him screaming from his room. And I mean literal screams! He wasn't even crying, he was just trying out some really high-pitched screams. This is the age that babies really take off with experimenting with noises, in my experience, and it's cute but also very loud. He's laying down on my lap now saying "uh-yeah-yeah-yeah! Bva!"

And he just poked his own eye with his toe. Now that takes talent!


Amber said...

Poor Katrina. Just FYI, when a UTI is suspected, they'll do a dipstick in the urine right there and if it's positive for bacteria they'll start antibiotics right away. They also send a sample to be smeared on a petri dish to see if any bacteria grows but that takes a few days usually. If something grows on the petri dish, your doc will call you to get started on antibiotics. If you notice any blood in her urine, be sure to call the doctor because this can be a sign of infection too.
Speaking from experience, UTIs are miserable. I hope Katrina doesn't have one. Drinking lots of water and cranberry juice help if you still think she might have a UTI (but watch out, I was worried about Megan once so I had her drink a lot of water and then she had like 4 accidents b/c of all the water she drank!).

Athena said...

Hopefully she feels better soon! Poor thing!

Tasha's Life said...

No fun, Tori! I hope Katrina feels better soon. I'm having my own adventure here. I just locked Sugar and my phone in the copy room at school and left my keys at home. No one else is in the bldg. Fortunately, Jolena is on her way with my keys to rescue Sugar, my phone, and I. Love ya! Hang in there!

JenniferB said...

My daughter Emily just had a kidney infection that put her in Children's Hospital in Omaha 2x because it didn't resolve the first time. Watch her carefully for repeat signs and I agree with the recommendation to have her drink water and some cranberry juice (no more than 8 oz. a day though) to flush her kidneys. If her fever climbs to 103 repeatedly though, get her checked out again. I learned the hard way that little ones won't have the regular symptoms of back pain, burning with urination, etc., to warn you that it's going farther, and if she has repeat UTI's they will need to maybe consider a reflux study.