Tuesday, August 31, 2010


I thought I'd describe our morning a little to you, so you can get an idea of Katrina's creativity. I have no idea if all kids are like this, though I suspect they are, but to me, since she's my first, everything she comes up with seems particularly funny.

Daniel was napping and I introduced her to a new watercolor paint set. It's a pen/brush sort of thing. We drew for a few minutes (her favorite is stabbing the paper and making dots), while she named all of the colors.

I went and did some sewing while she kept drawing. Then Daniel woke up and I wanted to put away the paints. I got out some playdough. While Daniel ate, she kept coming up to me with the playdough and insisting I make snakes. So I made lots of snakes for her and she named each one "Daddy Snake, "Baby Snake, "Mommy Snake, "Nina Snake." She ended up with multiple baby snakes and Daddy snakes (the daddy ones are always the largest, of course). Then she handed me one and asked me to make it into a treehouse. I attempted to mold it into a model of the treehouse in her room (and did a fairly good job, I think!), then she wanted to go play in her room. So we headed to the room and she played with her snakes inside the treehouse.

Daniel gets bored really easily. I went through Katrina's toys trying to find things for him. However, Katrina would see and come over to take it away. "Nina car! Nina train!" Then she would hand him something else to play with, usually something really boring.

Katrina smashed one of her snakes flat on accident and brought it to me, calling it a "mit." She is obsessed with oven mitts and mittens. So then I had to turn all of the snakes into Daddy mitt, Mommy mitt, etc... Then she played with those for awhile, climbing on her shelves with them, putting them in a basket while singing, "Een up, Een, up!"

Around then she announced it was lunchtime and since it was, we went and ate.

Katrina is pretty funny. Ever since I taught her how to pretend to be an airplane she does it all the time. We live less than half an hour from the airport and so we hear planes all the time. She hears them no matter how quiet they are! We also get helicopters pretty regularly and she can tell the difference in the sound by now. She loves trucks and always points them out. The garbage truck on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday is the highlight of her morning, and she loves the "meeman truck" (mailman's) truck.

Daniel is pretty cute and funny too, but in a different, babyish way. For instance, he likes to eat my face, grinning the whole time, and I like to think he's giving kisses. He is enjoying eating new, solid foods, like biscuits and more chunky things, though I have to put them in his mouth because he won't do it himself, he just holds the food and waves it. Today he had grapes (that I skinned with my teeth, that's motherly love!) for the first time and loved them, and liked whole peas much better than pureed peas. He also kept us up all night last night and the night before, so that's really frustrating. Especially because he is waking up at 6:30 or so and not falling back asleep, but being really demanding and fussy. They he sleeps again at 8 or so for 20 minutes and then gets up again. Sigh. Oh well.

So that's our day! Daniel took a two-hour afternoon nap, Katrina took none, and I got lots of sewing done plus made a yummy new recipe, biscuits and sausage gravy.

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Seamingly Sarah said...

You are putting me to shame with all the sewing you are doing. You have two kids and I only have one, yet I'm just not doing ANY sewing. I blame it on the baby that's on the way. I've spent the whole first trimester feeling crudy. Here's to a productive 2nd trimester!