Monday, August 9, 2010

Pictures pictures pictures!!

I located my old, battery-eating, point-and-shoot and took some better pictures of my quilt. (Notice the last time I used the camera by the date stamp).

So there it is, in all its glory! It needs to be ironed one more time, stretched around some foam board, and framed, but that may take awhile, so I'm taking pictures now.

Off to bed, I got sucked into this and have stayed up way too late.

I am sharing at Show and Tell at Blue Cricket Design and Strut Your Stuff at Somewhat Simple.


Cindy said...

It looks so good. I love the silk.

Jolena said...

Oh it looks so much better with an actual camera! I love the quilting and how all the colors turned out. The cell phone made the satin look a little yellowy and I love that it is super white. Good work!

Elizabeth said...

So, so beautiful! I love the colors and the pretty, shimmery satin mixed with the cotton. Nice work!

xo -Elizabeth