Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Kid update

Daniel is 8 months old these days. He's pretty darn cute. He seems to be a bit happier these last few days than before, though he still has his moments. He doesn't always want to go down for naps and bed, so we still hear plenty of screaming! He has one tooth on the bottom and another one just barely poking through. He still wakes up multiple times each night.

Daniel is starting to have fun reactions. Last night we were playing a game with him where we say, "How big is Daniel? Soooo big!" And we hold our arms up in the air. Well, whenever we asked him how big he was, he put his arms up each time! It was so cute and we were all laughing. He also will occasionally do something kind of like the "all done" sign at the end of meals, so I think we're making progress with signing too.

He still doesn't like being on his stomach and can't really roll, but this morning he woke up and cried for a few minutes until we dragged ourselves out of bed to get him, and when we did we noticed he had rolled from his back to his belly--good boy! I've only seen him do that one other time. He can stand leaning against the couch and plays there for a long time.

Daniel thinks Katrina is the funniest, most interesting person. He giggles and smiles at her all the time, though he also protests when she puts her blanket on his head, smacks his head a little too hard, or whatever various other things she does to him out of "love." I hope they will be great buddies. Daniel really has the best little giggles and such huge smiles when he's happy. He especially loves smiling at me. On Sunday I was holding him at church and whenever I looked at him he broke into huge giggles.

Katrina is doing great with her vocabulary. She also is getting a little clearer with her sentences. Sometimes she'll say a string of babbles and words that actually sound like real sentences, and I think they are. I'll say to Adam, "I think she just said, ___ ____ ___ ___!" and he'll listen and agree. She also is starting to sing along with songs with more than just the last word each line.

Her pottytraining is going awesome. The only real exception is car rides. She just informs us she has peed but doesn't try to tell us beforehand. That reminds me--I need to go try to take the carseat cover off to wash it. It smells. I've tried before but it has something attaching it to the seat that needs to be cut off.

Katrina has an eagle eye. If she yells, "bike!" or "plane!" from the backseat, I know that she definitely saw one and I then peer around trying to find it. She has bike radar and always points them out. There is a specific clock on a building in our town and whenever we drive by she likes to point it out. She also is really sensitive to unfamiliar sounds and whenever she hears something unusual she stops and says, "Sound!" Then I listen really hard for it and try to identify it for her, whether it's a vacuum upstairs, a helicopter, etc. She always hears the garbage truck and runs to go see it, and yesterday I heard her saying, "Daddy coming!" from her room at the end of her nap. I went in, peeked through her blinds, and sure enough, he had just come home and she had heard the car beep when it locked.

We still haven't taken her to Toy Story 3. We keep having things going on on Saturdays. Maybe this week we'll take her. Her Nana just bought her the first two movies, so she's in heaven! She loves the backpack I made her and we already tried it out last night and it worked great.

So that's how the kids are doing!

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