Saturday, August 21, 2010

Kid Pics

Last night Adam and I were treated to a night out. We went out to Olive Garden while his mom and sister came up and watched the kids. I love having dates--they are few and far between. When we got home I got out the camera and snatched some pictures. Katrina had just removed her shirt because she spilled water on it, but I had to share this picture because what is cuter than a little girl wearing her mommy's shoes?
Daniel really likes his jumperoo lately. Katrina likes to play with him while he's in it and his cousin thought it was pretty fun too.

When he gets really happy and excited Daniel starts jumping really high and then going wildly forward and backward. It's hilarious.
As we were saying goodbye I looked over and saw Jordan and Katrina hugging and kissing each other. I tried to take a picture but was too late. We made them reenact it.
Daddy and baby.

Then Katrina walked over to the bookshelf and pulled out some light reading material.
(The book is Modern Russian).

Have a great Sunday tomorrow!

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