Friday, August 20, 2010

Fourth Anniversary

Yesterday was mine and Adam's fourth anniversary! Four years ago today we were sealed for time and all eternity in the Salt Lake temple! That was such a happy day and we've had many happy days since. Also, we just figured out this week that Daniel was born on the anniversary of our first date. How cool is that?

So we didn't want to spend much on our anniversary this year and didn't really plan anything. When Adam kissed me and told me Happy Anniversary yesterday as he left for work, I started brainstorming. I already had a little craft I wanted to make him, but I started thinking about how messy our apartment was and decided to clean the entire apartment top to bottom as a gift to him. I started with our bedroom and had it cleaned up before I even left my room. The kids were pretty compliant as I cleaned and things were moving smoothly. But around 11, when I was taking a break, Adam's cell started ringing. I saw it was his work number and answered. Well, it was actually his coworker calling from Adam's phone to ask Adam a question because he had already left. I panicked a little. Even though I had been cleaning all morning, nothing really looked spick and span yet, and Daniel was taking a nap so I couldn't change out of my pajamas. I kind of ran around like a chicken with its head cut off trying to clean a little more. When Daniel woke up I started changing clothes just as Adam arrived home. So no sparkling clean apartment, ironed shirts, and cute outfit like I had originally planned. :[ But Adam was able to spend the day with us! We went to Target, picked up a really nice carseat on sale for Daniel (a Britax!), came home and alternately relaxed with the kids and cleaned the car. I worked on my gift for Adam. A cufflink case! As you can see, Adam is missing several cufflinks, mostly because he leaves them in random locations and Katrina makes off with them.

While I had the camera out, I took a picture of the backpack to show off the quilting and the button that I added. Notice the better quality of pictures? I found my old memory card! I knew that as soon as I bought a new one I would find the old one. Oh well. I only spent $4 to buy a memory card adaptor, and now I have two.
We also celebrated our anniversary by have a little picnic on the floor in the living room once the kids went to bed. Adam made his yummy calzones, I made brownies, and we watched Burn Notice. Lots of fun!
I wanted to add a few other things I thought about during breakfast. Katrina's favorite song for us to sing to her is Old MacDonald Had a Farm. She always requests things for us to sing about--On that farm he had a: Woody, Buzz, pee, poop, (she often asks us to sing while she's on the toilet), milk, cereal, baby, etc... She asks us to sing about whatever she is currently doing. She requests the song by saying, "Yi-yi-yi-yo?" Well, Daniel's favorite sound to say is "Yeah-yeah-yeah-yeah!" Almost always, when Katrina says "Yi-yi-yi-yo?" Daniel immediately yells out with a huge grin, "Yeah-yeah-yeah-yeah!" It's hilarious.
This is unrelated but I was thinking about it at breakfast as well because of what Daniel was eating. Have I mentioned before that I started making him homemade yogurt? It's so much easier than I thought! I use my crockpot and it takes minimal effort. The first batch I made I left it overnight and it was too long--it ended up super tangy. Plus it had tons of whey. The second batch I used starter from my previous batch and I made sure to not include any whey in the starter. I don't know if that made a difference or not, but my second batch had a lot less whey. Also, I froze my first batch and when it thawed it had so much whey that I had to strain out pretty much half the yogurt. Second time around, I didnt freeze it and haven't had to strain any yogurt--it's a great thickness. I also only let it sit 8 hours and it tastes great. For Daniel, I can give it plain, mixed with vanilla and a tad of sugar, mixed with fruit and sometimes cereal too, or however. For Katrina, I usually give it with vanilla and sugar or honey. It's whole milk yogurt, and she doesn't need to eat that anymore, but I don't quite have the energy to make two different batches of yogurt. If you're interested, google crockpot yogurt. I puree most of his other food and haven't had to buy baby food yet. I gave up on making food with Katrina eventually when she needed stage 2 and stage 3 foods, but I'd prefer to not do that with Daniel so I can save money, and because that stuff smells disgusting! He really prefers purees right now anyway. I have started giving oatmeal and food with more texture, and sometimes I slip some of our food in his mouth and watch him gum it with a disgusted look on his face.
Since my last post about the kids Daniel has started rolling onto his stomach from his back--whoo-hoo! He keeps rolling onto his stomach in his crib and getting stuck and then crying for us to save him. He also has a second tooth popping up and his first one is much more prominent--it's very cute.

Oh, I just remembered the other thing I wanted to share. Katrina has always been terrified of a few things--vacuum (if we vacuum while she's awake she will follow us around crying), the blender, my violin. Daniel doesn't even blink an eye when I use those things. But yesterday and today I discovered something that makes him immediately burst into tears--my sewing machine! He hates it. Both times I was able to calm him down by talking to him and looking at him a lot while sewing--that only really works if I'm sewing a straight line. It's kind of sad. :[ I'm really excited about the bag I'm working on. It should be done tonight. In fact, I may have another post on it today if I can get it done.

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Elise said...

This is Tori:

"I don't have enough energy to make two different batches of yogurt"

And you have enough energy to make even one batch of yogurt from scratch? You are amazing! You don't need to feel apologetic or anything about not making two different ones. There are so many people out there who can only dream of being able to say they can make food like that from scratch, not to mention re-purpose things into beautiful accessories (me included). You're awesome :)