Sunday, August 8, 2010

Fat babies, calzones, and Amish country

So I think everyone I talked to today told me how big and fat and chunky and [insert similar adjective here) Daniel is getting. I think maybe my baby is gaining a lot of weight, what do you think? :] It's definitely obvious to me that he is growing, but because I see him all the time I don't really see him change like people at church, so I'm always surprised when they say how big he's gotten, though I definitely agree. I kind of thought his lower body mass was mostly from his puffy cloth diapers, but then the other day he was having some naked time on the floor and I realized he really is chunky! He doesn't really have rolls, he's just super solid and very pear-shaped. He doesn't have an appointment until next month so I'm not sure how heavy or tall he's gotten. I'm sure he'll slim down when he starts moving, but since this kid cries and kicks helplessly when he's on his belly, I don't think he'll be crawling anytime soon. I sometimes try to get him to stand while leaning against the couch, and he's very strong and can do it, but he always is lunging to one side or the other or trying to get things off the floor, so I give up pretty quickly.

We have a meal that we really like, Italian Calzones, and Adam is a pro at making them. They really are soooo good. So Adam made them today for us. We packed the calzones, baby food, and the kids into the car and headed west. We often go on Sunday drives around our area to look at big fancy houses and pretty scenery. Today though, we wanted to go out to Lancaster county. We drove maybe 40 minutes west and wandered around the farm country for awhile. It really was gorgeous. Then we started passing buggies and realized that most of the houses had buggies parked in front of the garage! We also passed a Mennonite church. It looked like the farms had electricity and some modern conveniences, so I think they weren't Amish, and were probably Mennonite. It was very cool--my first time seeing a real Amish person (or Mennonite. Whichever they were!). Katrina was thrilled at the horses and cows in the field and the bikes (okay, that's pretty normal. She has bike radar and can spot a bike at 500 feet I swear!) and whatever else she could spot. Daniel slept. In fact, he just got to sleep at 9:30, which is very late and unusual for him, so we'll see how the night goes. Last night he woke every two hours. We tried letting him cry the second time it happened. An entire hour later we gave in. Yeah, that pretty much makes me feel like a horrible human being. I'm really at my wits end with him. The fan worked for a few days. A few other things have worked a little. Two days ago I fed him four meals of solids during the day and I think he might have woken up less, I can't remember. He has slept 10-11 hours straight on two or three different occasions. I know it's possible! It just never happens.

So we'll see. It's sad that I dread nighttime. Every time the kids go to bed I think, hooray, time to do whatever I want! Then a couple hours pass and I start thinking, dang, if I go to bed I'll just have to wake up in an hour or so. And then two hours after that, etc.

He's also been extremely cranky. But that's actually the norm. I had a couple days this week where Daniel was happy all day (until evening, and then he always is on the verge of tears), and I was suprised each time. This is normal: wake up from nap or nighttime, smiles, change him, smiles, maybe some tears because I put him down, feed, lots of smiles and talking and cooing and then stands on my lap for several minutes doing toe touches until I get exhausted keeping him from falling, so I move him to the floor, he plays a few minutes, cries, Katrina takes my attention, I walk away, he cries, I pick him up and go somewhere else and put him down, he gets interested in something else for awhile and sits there while I help Katrina, so I leave him there until he gets fussy, then I pick him up and move him to where Katrina and I are playing, put him down, he cries, I give him toys, he plays, cries, we go eat at the table, he screams until I bring him food, then he eats, I go to the kitchen for a paper towel to clean him up, he screams, I clean him, we go sit on the couch or floor and he cries, plays, I distract him, crying, crying, attempts by me to placate him, they fail, I hold him, he's happy, finally he starts rubbing his eyes and I put him down for a nap and he falls asleep right away (or if I've timed it wrong, he--you guessed it--cries, until he falls asleep a few minutes later), and then one hour later the cycle starts over. Maybe it's separation anxiety but he's always been like this, so I don't know. And he likes strangers just fine. He just wants to be held all. the. time. and prefers me to be standing while holding him, which just isn't going to happen, because I really don't spend much time standing honestly.

Whew. No wonder I look forward to naptime so much but then when it arrives I just don't even know what to do with myself--nap, eat, shower, clean, sew, or just veg. Vegging usually wins.

Anyway, tomorrow's the start of a new week and we'll see how things go. We've had some cooler days, which make going to the park a better option, plus if we get to bed earlier Adam can cycle more often and free up the car for me. I think I'll try getting out of the house more often this week during the day with the kids.

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Jolena said...

Good luck with Daniel, Tori. I imagine in about six months I'll have plenty of commiserating to do. As for now, just keep remembering how cute he is. Maybe it will help. :) Love ya!