Thursday, August 12, 2010

A couple more diapers

Daniel just keeps growing and I'm trying to make him more diapers as he does so that I only have to wash every 2-2.5 days. However, diapers really aren't in the budget so I'm trying to use old clothes and stuff to make them. This one is a new style and I pieced together some PUL that I had to make it, plus I used an old flannel shirt for the absorbent part.

This one is fun because it is made from an old lightweight denim dress, so I sewed some "pockets" on the back to make it look like jeans. I also used fleece for the waterproof insert but I much prefer PUL, so last night I made a PUL insert with more pieced-together PUL.

This is Daniel's new thing today--he gets upset at something, and then he leans forward and starts banging his head on the ground. It's a little cute at the same time as being really pathetic and sad.

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