Sunday, July 18, 2010

Weekend round-up

Yesterday we headed to a nearby orchard/farm and picked blueberries! We picked two pounds and then Katrina was spent. She had lots of fun eating straight off the vine, but I'm not sure how many were actually ripe! We shared some with Adam's family and still have a pound left. We're going to make blueberry cheesecake and maybe have some leftover for yogurt (I'm going to try making my own yogurt!).

Today Katrina was the best she's been in church in who knows how long. She didn't have to be taken out a single time except when she requested to go to the bathroom. She's also been great in regards to accidents over the past few days. Even though we've been out of the house a lot she's managed to hold it in each time.

After naps we decided to go on a Sunday drive. We drove out east and had fun just driving around the area. Ironically, we were heading home when we suddenly saw what was unmistakeably an LDS church. We checked it out, and sure enough, we had accidentally found one of the other buildings in our stake! Our stake is really big and spread out, so we thought it was pretty cool. It ended up being great timing because Katrina suddenly had to pee and so we could use the church's bathroom.

I'm worn out. Each night I plan on going to bed but always get a second wind really late and end up going to sleep after 11. Daniel basically wakes every three hours except about half the time he'll sleep through the first feeding at 11 or so. I'm getting really worn down. Life is taking a toll on me, or more correctly, Daniel is taking a toll on me! I really just want to sleep. Letting him scream just isn't an option. He sleeps in our room, we live in an apartment, and it just kills me to leave him screaming. I did try it once and it was a nightmare. So we just try other things (Adam trying to walk him back to sleep, me only nursing him a couple of minutes, etc) and just get by on really choppy sleep.

Oh, Daniel's first tooth broke the surface! It's on the bottom right. He also definitely has more on the way!

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