Sunday, July 11, 2010

Still alive, barely

Today our whole family is home from church. Yesterday was a nightmarish day that I am so relieved is over. Let me start with two nights ago. I was in the middle of sewing when I realized that I was on the verge of fainting. I laid down, turned on the A/C, and after a few minutes returned to sewing. I kept feeling kind of sick, but I thought it was the fact that I hadn't eaten much that day.

2:00 am came and I was awoken by "You always do this! You never do this!!" and similar cries from the teenage girls upstairs. I grumbled and managed to fall back asleep for a few minutes, until their argument turned into shrieks, thumps, and finally their dad came in a chewed them out in some other language. All the commotion woke up Daniel, and he wouldn't fall asleep without the swing. I realized I was still super nauseated, and then finally threw up.

Yesterday was so miserable. The day dragged by. I spent all morning rolling around in pain from my stomach, and couldn't keep anything down all day until finally at 6 or so I finally kept down some gatorade, and eventually some cereal too. Adam watched the kids all day and Daniel did his very best to scream constantly. He has two teeth coming in, has a runny nose which seems to affect his desire to nurse, and had a hard time taking naps. Bleck all around.

Today I don't feel nauseous anymore, I just need to stay in a horizontal position or else I get dizzy. Adam is staying home because he feels like he was hit by a car (which he actually was one time), so either he is in the beginning stages of this virus, or he's still being affected by his cold (or he's exhausted from yesterday!).

Anyway, things can only get better from here, so I'm in a much better mood. My only worry is finishing the pioneer dresses. I wanted to finish them yesterday because I still need to sew a bonnet and bloomers. I have until Wednesday, but I'd rather not cut it that close. Hopefully I feel better by tonight.


Jolena said...

I hope you feel better soon. It is definitely no good to be sick. Same to Adam.

Tasha's Life said...

So sorry! No fun whatsoever! Good luck with getting those dresses done. Love ya!