Tuesday, July 27, 2010

A series of disconnected thoughts

My brain is a-whirling and so, like Dumbledore, I'm siphoning off some of my excess thoughts into my Pensieve (you!).

--Why won't Katrina eat on her own chair? This past week she leaves her chair before the meal is halfway over and insists on sitting on my lap. I've been making a concerted effort to eat with her and not just leave her on her own to eat, but this is making me reconsider. It's so annoying. Usually I'm feeding Daniel and myself at the same time. It was fine at first but I'm fed up, and yet she now throws tantrums if I don't let her sit on my lap. I tried putting her chair right next to mine and it didn't work. If I don't let her sit on my lap she will just wander away and play and then tell me she's hungry right when I put her down for a nap or right before bedtime. Grr.

--At least she is using the toilet by herself, but her wiping skills consist of climbing off the toilet, pulling a bunch of tp off the roll and shoving it in the toilet.

--This morning Daniel was playing and fell forward onto his belly. He started playing with a toy and didn't get upset right away, and then I called Adam for some reason, realized Daniel was making some protesting noises, and looked over to sit him sitting up again! I really wish I had seen it because I'm still not sure how he managed that when he honestly has only rolled from his back to belly once and from his belly to back ten or so times ever.

--Daniel slept for five hours straight last night (not unnormal) but then did it again (very unnormal)! So he woke up at 1:30 but then not again until 6:30. I am definitely going to continue using the fan.

--Katrina keeps doing this thing today where it sounds like she's choking and then she starts crying, but she's not eating or doing anything at the time, she's just standing there. Sometimes it happens when she cries. I was concerned enough that I did a throat swipe with my finger just to make sure there wasn't something lodged. It's weird. Oh, and she also tells me it "hurts" but I can't get her to identify specifically what hurts.

--I decided to make a baby playmat instead of baby shoes as a shower gift. I got so excited about this idea that after going to bed and not being able to fall asleep, I got out of bed and spent another half hour at the computer planning and pricing this thing. Then I couldn't fall asleep, then Daniel woke up to eat, and then I couldn't fall asleep until around 2.

--I woke up yesterday morning with a pinched nerve in my neck and ibuprofen and slos stretches are helping, but it's a slow recovery. And it made falling asleep hard last night.

--My pricing was not really helpful because Joanns doesn't have the same sales online as in-store, which I discovered at the store today. I also spent way too much time waffling between using batting or thin foam and so the kids lost patience before I was done. Which meant I made some bad choices under pressure, and everything turned out more expensive, and I ended up spending twice as much on this gift as I planned, which is of course way more than making baby shoes would have cost me (which would have been either nothing or just the cost of buttons). I'm fairly irked.

--To make it worse, this is her fifth child and she probably doesn't need much anyway, so something like a playmat is a far better gift for someone with a first or second child, but now I've gone and bought the stuff, and unless I want to save this for someone else having a baby (actually I do know one person having a second baby in a few months) I'm going to give the playmat.

--On top of that, I don't like getting excess attention over gifts. I like people to like them and the other guests to like them, but I get really flustered and embarrassed inside when other guests gush over gifts. I like the attention but not too much attention. :] And a big 30" by 36" playmat that, I admit, is going to be stinkin' cute, is more likely to make people gush than cute little baby shoes. (I told you my brain was going crazy about all of this!)

--I need to make pizza dough for our dinner tonight but Daniel is babbling his head off and I want to wait until I know he's asleep first so I don't get interrupted. I also really want to start sewing. But I won't let myself work on it until after the pizza dough is made so that it definitely gets done.

--I am SO SICK OF ANTS. Every time we vaccuum or deep clean they seem to come back worse. They're not in our kitchen this time, thankfully, but we can't seem to eliminate them completely from our dining room, which is not cool because we have three food cabinets in there. The only way I've found to keep them from coming back onto the table is to spray clorox bathroom spray on it, but that's not supposed to be used on wood. But the Pledge multi-surface stuff seems to attract them or something.

--I have the fan in Daniel's room for some white noise, hoping that he'll take a two-hour nap rather than just a one-hour nap, but that means I'm really hot, and since I'm avoiding using the A/C because our last month's bill was so high, I'm rather uncomfortable.

--Katrina is meowing in her room and I really wish I had a video monitor in there.

--Daniel hasn't babbled for several minutes, so I think I'm going to start on the pizza dough. And then I get to sew!


Elise said...

Haha, Everett used to go through that phase of wanting to sit on people's laps during meal times. It drove me crazy, too. So far Ashley hasn't figured this out yet (crossing my fingers. . .).

I tried lots of things for ants in our old apartment, but the only thing that worked was Raid. I hated using it because I had crawling babies but it sure was effective. Peppermint oil, lemon, all those home remedies didn't seem to make a dent in them! Those ants are horrible!

P.S. You're awesome. I love your "pensieve" posts!

Jolena said...

I'm so glad Daniel slept with the fan. Success feels so good! Good luck with the ants and getting Katrina to sit in a chair and all that. I also enjoy hearing your random thoughts even though I don't have a lot to add to them. :)