Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Rough night

So I really thought the sleep deprivation would be over by now. Nope. But last night the culprit was not Daniel, it was Katrina.

I remember waking up and hearing Katrina crying, which is unusual, but she stopped fairly quickly. An unknown amount of time later she started crying again but much more urgently. I went in immediately and found her gasping and choking on vomit. I called Adam in because I needed her lamp and we've removed it from her room because she turns it on at night and plays. The poor girl was very sad and we cleaned up the mess. There were little blue beads everywhere and I got confused--did she eat her necklace? Then I became convinced that she had fallen asleep with the necklace on and it had choked her, which made her throw up. I changed my mind later when she woke up again throwing up more. But it was definitely scary at the time.

We brought Katrina into our room after the second episode, but she kept disturbing Daniel. "Baby...asleep. Baby...awake!" Finally we put her back in her room, luckily without a fuss, and I fed Daniel again to get him back to sleep. Which failed, so Adam took him to the swing for the rest of the night.

We're all kind of cross-eyed today. Adam is enduring work, Katrina and I are sitting around listlessly, watching Toy Story. Her body is really hot, so I tested her temperature and it's at 101. I'm sad for her that she has a bug, but I'm very happy she didn't vomit because her necklace was choking her, like I originally thought.

I think I will relax my one movie/day rule since she is just too sick to argue with. So today is a lazy day. My friend is coming over for a dress fitting, so hopefully that will go well.

I just realized Katrina hasn't eaten breakfast yet, so I'm going to go get her some food and liquids. It may seem weird, but taking care of sick kids is actually very fulfilling to me because I feel like I can do something for them that nobody else can. I really do enjoy being a mom and taking care of my kids. :]

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Jolena said...

What a tough night! Hope today is better and Katrina gets better fast.