Monday, July 12, 2010

Play date and sick update

Today I had a playdate planned with a friend. I almost backed out because I'm still wiped out but I really wanted to get out of the house, get Katrina out of the house, and spend time socializing with a friend. Her son and Katrina are two weeks apart. He's a cutey. He's shy, and doesn't have a whole lot of chances to spend time with kids his own age (his older brother is autistic), so this was really good for both kids. However, he is much better at talking than Katrina, and can even sing songs, words and correct intervals and all! Katrina likes to yell the words periodically (..."town!...bus!...beam!") but still doesn't really sing the correct note. It was fun. We were there for maybe two and a half hours chatting away while the kids played and Daniel chilled in my arms. We both play violin and are musical, so we have lots to talk about. She's several years older than me, but doesn't treat me like I'm really young like some others I've encountered, so that is really refreshing. We actually have never been in the same ward, but we've talked a lot while nursing our babies and participating in the stake's Messiah performance, so this was definitely an overdue playdate.

I'm still feeling really funky, but I'm glad that I got out. Adam threw up all night and is in the slow recovery stage. We're laying around watching DIY Network while the kids nap. I need to start sewing though. One dress is done except for the neck lining but the other dress still needs the bottom part of the skirt gathered and sewn on, so I'll work on that. I can't wait to take pictures and show them off!

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