Friday, July 23, 2010

A little randomness

Here's our bad news for the week: Youtube removed both Toy Story movies! It's such a bummer. We bought the movies a few months ago, but right after we bought them from ebay the seller (who had tons of positive feedback) closed their account and we never got the movies, though we did get our money back. And now if we buy them, they'll be priced way high because of the current Toy Story 3 craze. Sad. :[

So on the cloth diaper forum I am apart of, these ladies (who are all a tad crazy, sometimes) love to take pictures of their cloth diaper stash and show them off. Some of these people have over a hundred diapers--for one child! They are no longer saving money from cloth diapering. Thankfully, I am nowhere near that point. In fact, I think in a month or so we will have recouped all of our costs.

But I decided to take a picture of my own "stash". This picture is of the diapers currently in use, minus another ladybug minky diaper and one white Bumgenius (same as the bottom two in the right-hand corner).
Pretty! This next picture is of the "retired" diapers. Daniel isn't mobile yet, but he's still growing like crazy, so he just gets rounder and thicker and I have to keep making him larger diapers! I wouldn't be surprised if once he crawls and walks, he slims down a lot and then some of these might even fit him again. I bought snap pliers and have been putting snaps on some diapers to make them last a little longer, but I still am going to have to make one more batch of diapers for Daniel next month. I think then I will be done with diapers that I need (possibly even until pottytraining!) and might make a few occasionally because they are inexplicably fun to make.
So while taking the pictures, Daniel woke up. Katrina decided to welcome him to the waking world by throwing all of her pullups in the crib.

Yes we buy her boy pullups because we like Toy Story better than Dora!
Katrina decided to join Daniel on the changing pad.

See those snaps? I'm having fun with my snap pliers!

Cute, huh?
Today is hot outside. We've been trying to cut down on A/C use by using a fan, but I might have to turn it on anyway. Happily I got dinner into the crockpot so that's taken care of.


Tasha's Life said...

I love these pictures! I wish I could just snuggle my niece and nephew! You are too far away! Love ya!

Jolena said...

Geez, the older Daniel gets, the more he looks just like Katrina. So cute! Love the pictures!