Monday, July 26, 2010

Katrina shenanigans and another craft fail

Yesterday our home teacher was here with his 4-year-old daughter. Partway through the visit his daughter runs out and says "Katrina is in the place where the dolls go" or something like that. I don't think I went in right then but a few minutes later I responded and found this.
As far as I know, this is the first time she's attempted this since we first got it and at that time she immediately tried to get in. When I found her last night, she of course couldn't get out, and as soon as I helped her out she was climbing back in.
One awful tantrum and some deliberating on my part later, this is what I did:

Yes, that's right, I decided to make it easier to climb in. It may not make sense, but we have no place to store it, and so it's either fight a futile fight or give in. Choose your battles, right?

Nice and easy now.

Here's another cutie, or two actually! :]
Daniel started clapping today! It was super cute. He also experimented with some new sounds for the first time--instead of just "yayaya" and "bababa" he introduced "gagaga" and even a little "dadada." It was really cute. He has turned into Mr. Grabby McGrabby and nothing is safe from his lunging grasp. He gets sad when he tries to grab something and ends up falling forwards onto his belly, but sometimes he actually rolls off of it now instead of just crying. Though he usually cries too. :] Last night and the past few nights he has been waking every two hours on the clock. That's worse from the previous few weeks, when it was every three hours. I just don't know what to do. I really have issues with letting him cry until he falls asleep. I just can't do it. Tonight he woke up an hour after we out him down for bed and so it looks like tonight might be another bad night. I had an idea earlier though that I'm trying out. I've heard that white noise is good for babies but we don't have a CD player or iPod or anything to use for him so we've never tried it. Tonight after I put him back to bed for the second time, I put our little fan in there on the floor next to his crib and set it to high. We'll see if that does anything.
K, so this next picture is what my craft tonight was supposed to look like. I have a friend having a baby shower next week and I wanted to make her some baby shoes for the new little guy. I have two other baby patterns but from experience they are worthless at staying on baby feet. So I found some shoes online that I wanted to imitate that I thought would work better. I took one of the other patterns that I had and adjusted it.

But this is what my shoe actually looked like. This angle doesn't look too bad.
But this angle shows a little better how awkward and not cute this shoe is! I haven't tried making the other one.
So I'm not sure what I'm going to do now. I don't really like replicating gifts, even though I've done some really cute ones for past showers. And I really like it when I can use materials that I already have because money is tight. So I need to figure something out. I could try again, but making my own pattern is really tricky. I'm not sure I have the patience to make shoe after shoe until I've tweaked the pattern enough. I was going to even make Daniel some shoes too because he just hangs out all the time in barefeet. But my pattern only goes up to 6 months. So I'll probably skip that for now. I guess it's off to go searching through Etsy and craft blogs for ideas!


Jolena said...

Okay, now that I have seen the picture of the tree house I have a much better visual on how cool a toy that is and why you would not want to get rid of it. Way to go finding a solution! And thanks for the belly laugh about the shoes. I loved your comments about your own craft not turning out so well. Good luck finding something better! :)

Evenspor said...

This is the pattern I use for baby and toddler shoes:

They are pretty easy and stay on great. There's also a similar pattern here for free:

Amber said...

My mom used to plug in the vacuum cleaner for white noise--if the fan doesn't work out, you can try that.

Elise said...

White noise--we used that for Ashley. I was too selfish to give her the fan, so I got out my blowdryer, set it to "cool" (you may have rubberband a button if there's no real switch) and plugged it in, leaving it on the floor. I made sure it touched a leg of her crib in case that would make the sound transfer more easily to where she was.

That explanation was way too long. Basically I just feel bad for you that you're suffering in the heat without your fan!