Tuesday, July 20, 2010

How's this for awful?

I just got off the phone with a friend of mine, the one who I made her pioneer dresses and she went on the Trek with the youth last week. I didn't see her on Sunday, so I wanted to see how she was. She told me all about the trek, how it was tough because of the heat, and kids getting sick, and their handcart had only six out of the thirteen people able to pull it the whole time because the other kids got sick or were unable to help for various reasons. Her sleeping bag fell into the creek. A bunch of other things happened. It was super tough. She also mentioned how she had been sick and had to ride for part of one of the days because she just couldn't pull. Then she got home and started throwing up.

First I thought, hmm, could she be pregnant? Then it hit me. Oh my goodness, we got her sick! She had all of the exact symptoms, down to the little details like lightheadedness and dizzyness that set this stomach virus apart from others I've had. The real blessing was that she was able to make it three days before succumbing to it. I can't believe that. She must really have been blessed by the Lord!

So I feel insanely guilty. Okay, and this just makes it worse--I realized after she had already left on the trek that I made her bloomers out of muslin, a non-stretchy fabric, and I used her yoga pants as a template, which are stretchy. Yep, they were basically worthless. She wore them the first day and they kept ripping all day until she finally trashed them. Also, I worred a bit about the blind hem that I did. I worried that the hems would get stepped on or something and then the hem would unravel. Which happened on one of the dresses. Basically every single thing that I worried would happen happened! Ugh!

We laughed over it together, and luckily she doesn't hold a grudge against me for getting her sick, though we're pretty sure that all of her trek family is going to get sick too. Basically, this stomach virus is nasty and spreads like wildfire.

On a happier note, forcing Katrina to be naked for the last two days paid off and she pooed twice in the toilet, which resulted in much celebration, calling Daddy, and eating marshmallows. I also think we may be done with pullups during naptime.


Evenspor said...

Oh dear! That is terrible. Hopefully it added to the spiritual experience?

Elise said...

Sheesh, Tori! I can't believe you would go and do that to a friend!

Awesome with the potty training, by the way :). Major hurdle. Ashley has peed twice on the potty--at her own request--but I don't think she really knows how to produce on command, so we're waiting to actually train her. Sounds like Katrina has it all figured out!