Thursday, July 8, 2010

For your entertainment:

A few of you might recognize what Katrina is wearing: it is a piece of lingerie given to me at my bridal shower. It's, ahem, a little crazier than my tastes and it eventually ended up in my bag of old clothes that I keep around in case I decide to use the fabric for other projects.
I was going through that bag today and Katrina saw this. She was already wearing her yellow swimsuit and decided she wanted to wear this "suit" as well. So I knotted the straps to make them shorter and it's the perfect frilly dress.

Katrina was chasing after me trying to get the camera, but I managed to snatch a quick shot of Daniel.

And I grabbed a quick shot of my little bit of redecoration this week. I originally made these wall hangings to go over the sofa but ended up putting them on different walls on opposite sides of the room. I had these pictures on the wall for awhile but they really didn't fill up the space and so I moved them to the hallway and moved the quilts above the couch. They look much better in the space. This picture doesn't quite do it justice, but I was running from Katrina's grabbing hands.

Today is much better than yesterday. Katrina threw up about three or four times yesterday and only drank juice and gatorade, no food. After a long nap she woke up feeling much better and even ate a tiny bit of dinner. Today she still doesn't have much appetite but is feeling better. Unfortunately I seem to have Adam's cold, and so I don't feel like doing much, but at least I don't have Katrina's stomach bug.
I really really want a nap, but that's the best way to ensure that I won't sleep well tonight.


Jolena said...

I'm amused by how short the "frilly dress" is even on Katrina. I can't imagine why you wouldn't like it. :)

Elise said...

Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha! I love this post and the comment. I remember some of the lingerie that you got at that shower. It looks like a little fairy dress or something equally cute and innocent on her. Are you sure you didn't want to model it yourself?

Elise said...

Oh, and P.S. I am continually impressed by Katrina's head of (increasingly longer) hair. What beautiful hair! It is a great color and looks really cute.

Amber said...

This is unrelated to your post, other than to say I laughed out loud at Katrina's dressup choice. Oh, and that I like the redecoration. It just feels good sometimes to have a "fresh" look by rearranging.
My real comment is that I am borrowing a friend's book called "raising your spirited child workbook" by Mary Kurcinka and since your posts about Katrina sound very much like my Megan, I thought you might like it. I had never heard of it. "Spirited" is the author's more positive take on what might otherwise be called "naughty" or "difficult". Anyway. If nothing else, it's reassured me that there are other kids like mine out there and I feel like it's got some good ideas on understanding spirited kids better. So if you're looking for a helpful read, there's an idea.