Friday, July 2, 2010

Dear children:

Go back to sleep. I'm sorry the dryer woke you up, Katrina, and I'm sorry that I had to move you off my lap, Daniel, which woke you up. But 30 minutes of afternoon nap, especially when yesterday you both napped for 3.5 hours, is not cool. And especially because I napped yesterday too, which made it impossible to fall asleep last night, which meant I fell asleep around 2:30 or 3 am. Mommy is tired. Mommy needs a shower. Mommy entertained you both all morning and feels entitled to a little break, but not quite as little as you gave, especially because Daniel was laying on me the whole time. So wonderful children of mine: go back to sleep!

Sigh. I haven't really been making a big deal of it, since I'm trying to be conscious of internet privacy, but Adam has been gone at Scout Camp since last Saturday. He doesn't get back until tomorrow. I've been fine this whole week, but today it's really wearing on me, probably because of my miserable sleep last night. Also, we've gotten out of the house almost every day this week except today, so it's been harder to use the time.

I have great ward members who have been helping me out. Wednesday I dropped my kids off with a friend and went shopping at Joanns for stuff for the pioneer dresses for my friend. Yesterday a sister and her son came up here to watch the kids so I could shop at Walmart. Last night my visiting teacher popped on over with some absolutely delicious Chinese food and had dinner with me. I thought of several places that I could go today, but just felt too lazy. Maybe I'll go now that both kids are awake. I need to go to the library, and I need to buy some ziplock bags to store some soup in for a friend, and I need to drop the rent check off...

So it's been a great week overall but I'm starting to feel mopey, especially because my last conversation with Adam was only 30 seconds long before his phone died.

K, Katrina has started yelling for me, so her nap just isn't going to happen. Oh well. At least I have a good book waiting for me at the library if I can manage to get dressed and get the kids out of the house with me!

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