Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Craft round-up

I finished up my friend's pioneer dresses today, and completed the bonnets and bloomers too.

I sewed on these buttons by hand while nursing Daniel--I impress myself sometimes. :]

I tried out my blind hem foot and sewed these hems. I think I've used all my machine feet now.
I traced a pair of her yoga pants to make bloomers.
I thought I would give a sneak peek of my next few projects. First off, my current projects all get stuffed in the ottoman. I need to clean it out again because it still has the remnants of the bug quilt and everything since then.
I threw away our placemats because they were just too hard to keep clean and bought some fabric and clear vinyl for new placemats.
I mentioned I would be doing a Double Wedding Ring wall hanging. These are the fabrics I'll be using, as well as some bridal satin that I'm getting really anxious to receive in the mail.

Daniel over the course of about 30 seconds.

I've been a sewing mood constantly because of the urgency to finish the pioneer dresses, but most stuff I can't do while the kids are awake. These next two things were products of that urge to sew. I made this reusable swiffer mat yesterday.
This next project came from this tutorial.
And that's all for now! Expect lots of finished projects to continue happening quickly because I'm in such a sewing frenzy lately!


Seamingly Sarah said...

Wow! You impress me too. I've been seriously neglecting my sewing machine this summer. I can't help it. It's too hot to sew and I've got a garden outside with weeds that taunt me! Ack. =)

I have no idea how many sewing feet are out there. Just a couple years ago I learned about a walking foot to help my quilt bindings stop twisting. I have no idea what a blind hem foot is, now I have to go look it up!

Leslie said...

the whole pioneer set looks so great. i love the swiffer cover, good idea.

Miri said...

Oh I just love the matching bonnets! LOL! Bloomers-yoga pants...guess everything does come back in style!

Larri @ Seams Inspired said...

You are super-busy! Can't wait to see that double-wedding ring wall hanging. Thanks for the links too. Thanks for sharing. Happy Sewing :o)

Michelle said...

The bonnets and bloomers are so cute! I can't imagine how you get so much done with that cute little guy around.