Thursday, July 29, 2010

Baby Shower gift

Excuse the awful cell pictures. Memory stick has gone missing again. Last time I found it in my pocket. This time I blame Katrina again though, because I know her and how she loves to take it out of the computer if I forget it there!

I really wish you could see how cute these are. I found a tutorial (I think we can all agree that I'm good at that!) for turning shirts into little infant sleep gowns. I sifted through my closet and bags of old clothes and found two perfect ones. This black shirt really is a little more interesting than you would think just looking at this picture.

For this one I used a stretchy exercise jacket that I never really wore much. It has a zipper and I decided to make it into a sleep sack instead of just a gown. I also decided to make it sleeveless.

The cute part about that one is that there are still pockets in the front. I cut out the pockets, but the zippers remain, so I guess they could always unzip the pockets and tickle the baby's feet? I like it because of it's quirkiness!

I decided against the playmat after all, for various reasons. I'm still going to go ahead and make it though and just save it for now. I cut out things and laid everything out on the ground to preview it.
The black stuff is really plushy and soft. The sun will have batting and bells inside. The earth will have crinkly stuff. The rocket will have shiny portholes. The stars are satin. I might add a moon for the astronaut and alien. One thing that I've been thinking about is the fact that craft felt isn't going to be mashine-washable, so I might go through my fabric and use fabric instead of felt. Nothing is sewn down at this point, and I have no deadline anymore, so I still have time to decide.
The back is space-themed flannel.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

A series of disconnected thoughts

My brain is a-whirling and so, like Dumbledore, I'm siphoning off some of my excess thoughts into my Pensieve (you!).

--Why won't Katrina eat on her own chair? This past week she leaves her chair before the meal is halfway over and insists on sitting on my lap. I've been making a concerted effort to eat with her and not just leave her on her own to eat, but this is making me reconsider. It's so annoying. Usually I'm feeding Daniel and myself at the same time. It was fine at first but I'm fed up, and yet she now throws tantrums if I don't let her sit on my lap. I tried putting her chair right next to mine and it didn't work. If I don't let her sit on my lap she will just wander away and play and then tell me she's hungry right when I put her down for a nap or right before bedtime. Grr.

--At least she is using the toilet by herself, but her wiping skills consist of climbing off the toilet, pulling a bunch of tp off the roll and shoving it in the toilet.

--This morning Daniel was playing and fell forward onto his belly. He started playing with a toy and didn't get upset right away, and then I called Adam for some reason, realized Daniel was making some protesting noises, and looked over to sit him sitting up again! I really wish I had seen it because I'm still not sure how he managed that when he honestly has only rolled from his back to belly once and from his belly to back ten or so times ever.

--Daniel slept for five hours straight last night (not unnormal) but then did it again (very unnormal)! So he woke up at 1:30 but then not again until 6:30. I am definitely going to continue using the fan.

--Katrina keeps doing this thing today where it sounds like she's choking and then she starts crying, but she's not eating or doing anything at the time, she's just standing there. Sometimes it happens when she cries. I was concerned enough that I did a throat swipe with my finger just to make sure there wasn't something lodged. It's weird. Oh, and she also tells me it "hurts" but I can't get her to identify specifically what hurts.

--I decided to make a baby playmat instead of baby shoes as a shower gift. I got so excited about this idea that after going to bed and not being able to fall asleep, I got out of bed and spent another half hour at the computer planning and pricing this thing. Then I couldn't fall asleep, then Daniel woke up to eat, and then I couldn't fall asleep until around 2.

--I woke up yesterday morning with a pinched nerve in my neck and ibuprofen and slos stretches are helping, but it's a slow recovery. And it made falling asleep hard last night.

--My pricing was not really helpful because Joanns doesn't have the same sales online as in-store, which I discovered at the store today. I also spent way too much time waffling between using batting or thin foam and so the kids lost patience before I was done. Which meant I made some bad choices under pressure, and everything turned out more expensive, and I ended up spending twice as much on this gift as I planned, which is of course way more than making baby shoes would have cost me (which would have been either nothing or just the cost of buttons). I'm fairly irked.

--To make it worse, this is her fifth child and she probably doesn't need much anyway, so something like a playmat is a far better gift for someone with a first or second child, but now I've gone and bought the stuff, and unless I want to save this for someone else having a baby (actually I do know one person having a second baby in a few months) I'm going to give the playmat.

--On top of that, I don't like getting excess attention over gifts. I like people to like them and the other guests to like them, but I get really flustered and embarrassed inside when other guests gush over gifts. I like the attention but not too much attention. :] And a big 30" by 36" playmat that, I admit, is going to be stinkin' cute, is more likely to make people gush than cute little baby shoes. (I told you my brain was going crazy about all of this!)

--I need to make pizza dough for our dinner tonight but Daniel is babbling his head off and I want to wait until I know he's asleep first so I don't get interrupted. I also really want to start sewing. But I won't let myself work on it until after the pizza dough is made so that it definitely gets done.

--I am SO SICK OF ANTS. Every time we vaccuum or deep clean they seem to come back worse. They're not in our kitchen this time, thankfully, but we can't seem to eliminate them completely from our dining room, which is not cool because we have three food cabinets in there. The only way I've found to keep them from coming back onto the table is to spray clorox bathroom spray on it, but that's not supposed to be used on wood. But the Pledge multi-surface stuff seems to attract them or something.

--I have the fan in Daniel's room for some white noise, hoping that he'll take a two-hour nap rather than just a one-hour nap, but that means I'm really hot, and since I'm avoiding using the A/C because our last month's bill was so high, I'm rather uncomfortable.

--Katrina is meowing in her room and I really wish I had a video monitor in there.

--Daniel hasn't babbled for several minutes, so I think I'm going to start on the pizza dough. And then I get to sew!

Monday, July 26, 2010

Katrina shenanigans and another craft fail

Yesterday our home teacher was here with his 4-year-old daughter. Partway through the visit his daughter runs out and says "Katrina is in the place where the dolls go" or something like that. I don't think I went in right then but a few minutes later I responded and found this.
As far as I know, this is the first time she's attempted this since we first got it and at that time she immediately tried to get in. When I found her last night, she of course couldn't get out, and as soon as I helped her out she was climbing back in.
One awful tantrum and some deliberating on my part later, this is what I did:

Yes, that's right, I decided to make it easier to climb in. It may not make sense, but we have no place to store it, and so it's either fight a futile fight or give in. Choose your battles, right?

Nice and easy now.

Here's another cutie, or two actually! :]
Daniel started clapping today! It was super cute. He also experimented with some new sounds for the first time--instead of just "yayaya" and "bababa" he introduced "gagaga" and even a little "dadada." It was really cute. He has turned into Mr. Grabby McGrabby and nothing is safe from his lunging grasp. He gets sad when he tries to grab something and ends up falling forwards onto his belly, but sometimes he actually rolls off of it now instead of just crying. Though he usually cries too. :] Last night and the past few nights he has been waking every two hours on the clock. That's worse from the previous few weeks, when it was every three hours. I just don't know what to do. I really have issues with letting him cry until he falls asleep. I just can't do it. Tonight he woke up an hour after we out him down for bed and so it looks like tonight might be another bad night. I had an idea earlier though that I'm trying out. I've heard that white noise is good for babies but we don't have a CD player or iPod or anything to use for him so we've never tried it. Tonight after I put him back to bed for the second time, I put our little fan in there on the floor next to his crib and set it to high. We'll see if that does anything.
K, so this next picture is what my craft tonight was supposed to look like. I have a friend having a baby shower next week and I wanted to make her some baby shoes for the new little guy. I have two other baby patterns but from experience they are worthless at staying on baby feet. So I found some shoes online that I wanted to imitate that I thought would work better. I took one of the other patterns that I had and adjusted it.

But this is what my shoe actually looked like. This angle doesn't look too bad.
But this angle shows a little better how awkward and not cute this shoe is! I haven't tried making the other one.
So I'm not sure what I'm going to do now. I don't really like replicating gifts, even though I've done some really cute ones for past showers. And I really like it when I can use materials that I already have because money is tight. So I need to figure something out. I could try again, but making my own pattern is really tricky. I'm not sure I have the patience to make shoe after shoe until I've tweaked the pattern enough. I was going to even make Daniel some shoes too because he just hangs out all the time in barefeet. But my pattern only goes up to 6 months. So I'll probably skip that for now. I guess it's off to go searching through Etsy and craft blogs for ideas!

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Sneak Peek

I can never help myself. Whenever I have a long involved project I often take pictures along the way so then at the end I can do a nice post that shows the progress. But I can never keep myself from posting the progress pictures as soon as I take them! So even though I always want to surprise everyone with a grand finish, I just get so excited about my progress.

I've been dragging my feet on this project for some reason, even though I'm so excited about it. Last night I cut out all the pieces during Ocean's Thirteen. I decided to lay out all the pieces to show Adam and I'm really glad I did, because now I'm really enthusiastic again.
I don't know how long the sewing will take. The bridal satin seems like it might be tricky to work with, and I've never sewn curves. I also need to practice embroidery on scraps because I'm going to embroider the Salt Lake Temple, where we got married, onto the center part. I anticipate that will be the trickiest part. I just can't get over how perfect these colors are--white and yellow from our wedding, and black and gray matches the bedding in our room.

Today was a pretty good day at church. I always breathe a sigh of relief when it's over. Another sister at church helped me so that I could listen to the Relief Society lesson, which was an excellent one. Katrina choked on a grape during Sacrament meeting. She used the bathroom several times while at church with no accidents. She's doing awesome at that. We even can get her to go by herself by offering marshmallows, and she's also making it through naps dry every day this week.

We've got some other stressful things going on which I don't want to get into, but I'll just say they involve work. So extra prayers for us would be appreciated. :]

And I'll end with this picture, which shows off Katrina's beautiful eyes. She really is a sweetie. She and Daniel are starting to play with each other and it's the sweetest thing.

Friday, July 23, 2010

A little randomness

Here's our bad news for the week: Youtube removed both Toy Story movies! It's such a bummer. We bought the movies a few months ago, but right after we bought them from ebay the seller (who had tons of positive feedback) closed their account and we never got the movies, though we did get our money back. And now if we buy them, they'll be priced way high because of the current Toy Story 3 craze. Sad. :[

So on the cloth diaper forum I am apart of, these ladies (who are all a tad crazy, sometimes) love to take pictures of their cloth diaper stash and show them off. Some of these people have over a hundred diapers--for one child! They are no longer saving money from cloth diapering. Thankfully, I am nowhere near that point. In fact, I think in a month or so we will have recouped all of our costs.

But I decided to take a picture of my own "stash". This picture is of the diapers currently in use, minus another ladybug minky diaper and one white Bumgenius (same as the bottom two in the right-hand corner).
Pretty! This next picture is of the "retired" diapers. Daniel isn't mobile yet, but he's still growing like crazy, so he just gets rounder and thicker and I have to keep making him larger diapers! I wouldn't be surprised if once he crawls and walks, he slims down a lot and then some of these might even fit him again. I bought snap pliers and have been putting snaps on some diapers to make them last a little longer, but I still am going to have to make one more batch of diapers for Daniel next month. I think then I will be done with diapers that I need (possibly even until pottytraining!) and might make a few occasionally because they are inexplicably fun to make.
So while taking the pictures, Daniel woke up. Katrina decided to welcome him to the waking world by throwing all of her pullups in the crib.

Yes we buy her boy pullups because we like Toy Story better than Dora!
Katrina decided to join Daniel on the changing pad.

See those snaps? I'm having fun with my snap pliers!

Cute, huh?
Today is hot outside. We've been trying to cut down on A/C use by using a fan, but I might have to turn it on anyway. Happily I got dinner into the crockpot so that's taken care of.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

How's this for awful?

I just got off the phone with a friend of mine, the one who I made her pioneer dresses and she went on the Trek with the youth last week. I didn't see her on Sunday, so I wanted to see how she was. She told me all about the trek, how it was tough because of the heat, and kids getting sick, and their handcart had only six out of the thirteen people able to pull it the whole time because the other kids got sick or were unable to help for various reasons. Her sleeping bag fell into the creek. A bunch of other things happened. It was super tough. She also mentioned how she had been sick and had to ride for part of one of the days because she just couldn't pull. Then she got home and started throwing up.

First I thought, hmm, could she be pregnant? Then it hit me. Oh my goodness, we got her sick! She had all of the exact symptoms, down to the little details like lightheadedness and dizzyness that set this stomach virus apart from others I've had. The real blessing was that she was able to make it three days before succumbing to it. I can't believe that. She must really have been blessed by the Lord!

So I feel insanely guilty. Okay, and this just makes it worse--I realized after she had already left on the trek that I made her bloomers out of muslin, a non-stretchy fabric, and I used her yoga pants as a template, which are stretchy. Yep, they were basically worthless. She wore them the first day and they kept ripping all day until she finally trashed them. Also, I worred a bit about the blind hem that I did. I worried that the hems would get stepped on or something and then the hem would unravel. Which happened on one of the dresses. Basically every single thing that I worried would happen happened! Ugh!

We laughed over it together, and luckily she doesn't hold a grudge against me for getting her sick, though we're pretty sure that all of her trek family is going to get sick too. Basically, this stomach virus is nasty and spreads like wildfire.

On a happier note, forcing Katrina to be naked for the last two days paid off and she pooed twice in the toilet, which resulted in much celebration, calling Daddy, and eating marshmallows. I also think we may be done with pullups during naptime.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Daniel pictures and another jersey

Some videos

I have gotten lax with the video camera and am trying to do better. One problem is that Katrina always wants to play with it when I get it out. This morning I managed to get a few really cute videos of her. I hope you don't mind all the videos! I have a few videos of Daniel too but he's just sitting there looking cute, so I stuck with the ones of her singing for now.

"I am like a star"

"Jesus wants me for a sunbeam"

"I am a child of God"

"This little piggy"

And how about I show just one video that shows what Daniel was doing during this. He absolutely loves being upside down!

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Weekend round-up

Yesterday we headed to a nearby orchard/farm and picked blueberries! We picked two pounds and then Katrina was spent. She had lots of fun eating straight off the vine, but I'm not sure how many were actually ripe! We shared some with Adam's family and still have a pound left. We're going to make blueberry cheesecake and maybe have some leftover for yogurt (I'm going to try making my own yogurt!).

Today Katrina was the best she's been in church in who knows how long. She didn't have to be taken out a single time except when she requested to go to the bathroom. She's also been great in regards to accidents over the past few days. Even though we've been out of the house a lot she's managed to hold it in each time.

After naps we decided to go on a Sunday drive. We drove out east and had fun just driving around the area. Ironically, we were heading home when we suddenly saw what was unmistakeably an LDS church. We checked it out, and sure enough, we had accidentally found one of the other buildings in our stake! Our stake is really big and spread out, so we thought it was pretty cool. It ended up being great timing because Katrina suddenly had to pee and so we could use the church's bathroom.

I'm worn out. Each night I plan on going to bed but always get a second wind really late and end up going to sleep after 11. Daniel basically wakes every three hours except about half the time he'll sleep through the first feeding at 11 or so. I'm getting really worn down. Life is taking a toll on me, or more correctly, Daniel is taking a toll on me! I really just want to sleep. Letting him scream just isn't an option. He sleeps in our room, we live in an apartment, and it just kills me to leave him screaming. I did try it once and it was a nightmare. So we just try other things (Adam trying to walk him back to sleep, me only nursing him a couple of minutes, etc) and just get by on really choppy sleep.

Oh, Daniel's first tooth broke the surface! It's on the bottom right. He also definitely has more on the way!

Friday, July 16, 2010

Placemats and Coasters

If I seem unusually productive this week, it's because I'm on a sewing frenzy after spending the entire weekend laying around feeling sickly and taking care of sick kiddos and husband. While I was working on my friend's pioneer dresses, all the other projects I wanted to work on started lining up and I got so impatient to be able to work on them. Now that her stuff is done, I'm plowing through my list. Though every night Adam says, "What are you working on tonight? What's next?" And if I don't tell him that I'm working on his cycling jersey he pouts a little! :] It's really close to being completed, so I told him I'd finish it tonight. I have a bad habit of getting 95% done with a project and then leaving it and not finishing it completely!

This project was a simple one. I know I got the idea from somewhere else, but honestly, it's not worth the effort of finding it since it's pretty self-explanatory by looking at the pictures! I used 16 guage (I think that's how it's referred to) clear vinyl and I bought a little pinking rotary blade that was oodles cheaper than pinking shears.
We finally have coasters for the living room!
Placemats for the table.

They match the table perfectly.

And our table looks very nice and classy with all the placemats there. Though when she saw them first thing this morning, Katrina shoved hers aside and put her placemat on the table again. Hers has all the instruments in the orchestra. I actually considered getting more education placemats for the whole table, but then I decided to go for something a little more elegant. :]

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Craft round-up

I finished up my friend's pioneer dresses today, and completed the bonnets and bloomers too.

I sewed on these buttons by hand while nursing Daniel--I impress myself sometimes. :]

I tried out my blind hem foot and sewed these hems. I think I've used all my machine feet now.
I traced a pair of her yoga pants to make bloomers.
I thought I would give a sneak peek of my next few projects. First off, my current projects all get stuffed in the ottoman. I need to clean it out again because it still has the remnants of the bug quilt and everything since then.
I threw away our placemats because they were just too hard to keep clean and bought some fabric and clear vinyl for new placemats.
I mentioned I would be doing a Double Wedding Ring wall hanging. These are the fabrics I'll be using, as well as some bridal satin that I'm getting really anxious to receive in the mail.

Daniel over the course of about 30 seconds.

I've been a sewing mood constantly because of the urgency to finish the pioneer dresses, but most stuff I can't do while the kids are awake. These next two things were products of that urge to sew. I made this reusable swiffer mat yesterday.
This next project came from this tutorial.
And that's all for now! Expect lots of finished projects to continue happening quickly because I'm in such a sewing frenzy lately!