Monday, June 14, 2010

Some favorite recipes

I loved dinner tonight. Here it is:

Chicken Enchiladas
one chicken breast, cooked and shredded
one large family-sized can of cream of chicken soup
half a can of water
chopped onion
little can of diced green chiles
one package of enchilada seasoning (half a package works too)

Mix. Line bottom of 9x13 dish with corn tortillas ripped in half (or flour tortillas ripped into quarters). Pour in half of mixture, grate some cheese, layer more tortillas, pour in other half of mixture, more cheese, more tortillas, and more cheese. Cook at 350 for 45 minutes, turn off oven, and let sit in oven for half an hour.

Yum. The recipe originally didn't include enchilada seasoning, but Adam doesn't really like the chiles, so sometimes I don't put in the chiles and use the seasoning instead. Today I didn't use onions because I didn't feel like chopping anything, and I decided to use both the chiles and the seasoning. It was extra delicious!

Here are some links to a few of my other favorites:
Pioneer Woman's Springy Shells (use half the butter)
Pioneer Woman's Fettuccine Alfredo (use half the butter or even less)
Thai Tacos
Asian Lettuce Wraps
Beef Stew (crockpot recipe)
Pinwheel Italian Calzones

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Amber said...

Thanks for posting the recipes--I'm always on the look out for tried and true yummy food!
P.S. Your sewing skills rock, I love seeing all the things you're working on. I'm amazed at how much you're able to do w/2 kiddos underfoot. You must have more stamina stay up at night and finish than I do!