Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Sequence of kid pics

I was trying really hard to get some good pictures of the kids today, and even with my mediocre photography skills, I managed to get quite a few precious shots! And since I couldn't choose just a few to show, I, um, basically uploaded all of them! Hope you enjoy this.

First shot. Daniel looks pudgy and cute.
But he's not really that pudgy. I started experimenting with different angles and trying to get a smile.

And the most precious shot of all:
I tried to get the two kids together but it was virtually impossible since Daniel was getting fussy.
Katrina insisted on wearing her new dress from her great-grandmother. She is basically the cutest little girl ever!

Hope these pictures made you smile!


Jolena said...

Oh geez, your kids have won the prize for the cutest ones around! I love Katrina's new dress. I didn't realize how long her hair is getting. She has tons of hair! I love the overalls on Daniel. You're right, he still has that cute old man look and I love it!

Deidre said...

Daniel totally looks like you.