Saturday, June 12, 2010

Quilt Preview

My fabric arrived yesterday and I got to work as soon as the kids napped. First I attached the appliques on the back and then I had to stitch them on. That took forever! I thought the fabric looked really cool on the back, so I took a picture. Here is a preview of the quilt back appliques. Aren't they cute? The ladybug minky fabric was the one holding me up. I think it was definitely worth it after seeing it all together!

Last night I had to go get more thread after I did the appliques. I spent most of the late evening quilting. That was tough because I had to make sure to go around both the front and the back appliques. Then I free-motion quilted the rest with a stippling pattern. Basically that means lots of swirls without crossing lines or doing any points (hahaha). I'm not too good at it. But the overall effect is quite nice and the imperfections obvious to me aren't very noticeable to others.
I ran out of thread again last night at midnight! This quilt has required over 500 yards of thread! So I ran to the store again this morning and finished the quilting. In the next few days I will finish the binding, and then I will show it on the blog. I brought it to Jared's birthday today (Happy Birthday Jared!) and received the desired reaction from his mom and everyone else, so that made me very happy!
K, it's almost bedtime for babies, so that's all!

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Jolena said...

I love it! I'm so glad his mom likes it and it turned out so well.