Saturday, June 5, 2010

Quick Craft

This week I had several times where I was in the mood for sewing but not for ironing, pinning, or thinking too hard. I decided to make something for Daniel that is on my list of sewing projects this summer. I used this tutorial. I've made them before as a baby shower gift but forgot to take pictures. I can definitely tell how far I've come as a sew-er since then. The first time I felt like I had to follow the pattern exactly. This time I was like, eh, whatever, let's just experiment. I used batting because breaking out the fusible fleece meant getting out the iron. I didn't feel like doing the ribbons until the last teether I made. I made some longer just for fun.
Daniel doesn't really care about them but he's not teething yet. They were a fun diversion that I could make during waking hours for the kids. I have a week left to make my nephew's quilt, so that is what I'm doing this week. The front and back are done except for some appliques, and then I can sew it all together and do the quilting.

Some cute baby shots. This guy likes to wake ep every two hours at nights again. I fell asleep last night at 7:30 and napped for an hour and a half. I couldn't fall asleep after that until 2:00 am. And I refused to feed him one time when he woke and had to resort to the swing again. That got him to sleep for four more hours and I finally fell asleep on the couch. Sigh. Why are babies so dfficult sometimes?

I kept trying to get pictures of Katrina but she wouldn't look at me.
Speaking of Daniel not sleeping, he refuses to take a nap right now even though he's really tired, so I'm going to go try the swing again. He's having fun standing up while leaning against me. The kid can't roll off of his back but can sit without support and stand with very little assistance. Crazy.


Elise said...

Only you would say that making four teething rings "from scratch" is a quick project!

Cute pictures of the kids, BTW. Awesome :).

Seamingly Sarah said...

I love having those quick and easy sewing projects. Just a little something for you to say - start and done! It feels nice.

And I agree that you have grown leaps and bounds in sewing! I have yet to tackle clothes or patterns. I still just like blankets and bags.