Tuesday, June 8, 2010


K, let's play Which Kid is Cuter.

Katrina is a strong contender. Let's take a look at Daniel.

I just can't decide. Let's look at the two of them together to see if that makes the decision easier.

Hmmm. This is a toughie.

Ummm, maybe Mom should put the camera down and start watching more carefully what the kids are doing?
Aw, everyone is happy again.

Seriously, I have the cutest kids. Katrina loves her new green dress and whenever I ask her if she wants to get dressed she starts yelling"dress, dress!" and goes and finds it to wear.
My nausea came back on Sunday and kept me from sleeping. Yesterday was miserable. It felt like morning sickness (but it's not, don't worry) and nothing worked to get it to go away. Being sick makes me mad when it's unexplainable, so I was pretty annoyed with the world. Last night I was finally able to have a good nights sleep where my body actually fell asleep soon after I went to bed and I didn't have any problem falling asleep after feedings (of which there were only two). That seems to have done the job and I feel completely fine today.
So I have hit a major snag in my nephew's quilt. I ordered some special fabric for an applique and yesterday my package arrived--without the fabric! I was so irritated. They haven't returned my email, which is even more annoying. So last night I made another diaper. I also made one over the weekend. These are both different patterns than I've made before. It's fun to experiment.

Minky, but huge.
Bamboo velour on the inside--so soft!
You can't tell how huge it is, but it's really big.
And the diaper I made last night, which is actually super trim, even though it's hard to tell from this angle. I like it a lot. I was nervous because the crotch is super narrow but it fits awesome.
Daniel has almost outgrown his blue and red all-in-ones, but the size large diapers I made for Katrina are still a bit bulky and big, which is why I'm making more. And diapers are fun to make, for some inexplicable reason.

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Tasha's Life said...

Tori, they are so so so cute!! I wish I could see them up close and personal. I love all your sewing. You are awesome! I'm also glad your nausea is gone! Yay!