Tuesday, June 29, 2010


I guess I'm just in a bloggy mood (and Daniel is taking another long nap--I think it's a new habit!) so here's another one. This morning I took the kids to meet their Nana and Aunt and cousins at a playhouse in Philly. It's called the Smith Playhouse and none of us had been there before. It's free, and has both indoor and outdoor portions. This place was awesome. It had every cool toy and playground equipment you could think of! The biggest downside was the heat, and the building isn't air-conditioned, so Katrina had the reddest face. Daniel lasted about two hours and then he was done. As soon as I pulled away he conked out.

I used to get really stressed over driving to Philly by myself but it's not as big of a deal now. On the way home I even took a roundabout way and enjoyed the scenery and big houses. I'm proud of myself for getting to know a lot of back ways. I still won't drive around the city, but I can handle a drive to the zoo or somewhere else just off the highway.

So what to do tonight? Hmmm. I have a Kohl's gift card but haven't used it yet because of the drive and the kiddos. I think it would be craziness to try to take the kids with me but I'm really feeling the need for new clothes. I need new shirts, undershirts, a good pair of shorts or capris... Sigh. I might just have to keep waiting until Adam can come and watch the kids.

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shelly said...

I love Kohl's, but I hear you about trying to shop with little ones. It's hard enough with 1, so I can't imagine how unproductive it must be with 2! I love to shop online with Kohl's because their return policy is fabulous and I can usually find good % off codes on retailmenot. And, unlike some places *ahem Gap and Old Navy*, the clearance prices online seem to be as good or better than in the store.