Monday, June 28, 2010

Pajamas, Pajama!

Bad news--I lost my memory card for my camera. I distinctly remember taking it away from Katrina and putting it on the changing table. It's not there now, so she must have found it and taken it somewhere. This is super sad, especially because I just figured out how to take the thing off the end of the lens that was giving the picture a shadow every time I used the flash. It only took me a year to figure out. :]
Today we were playing in Katrina's room. She has very distinct opinions on what she wants to wear (usually a dress) and sometimes on what she wants Daniel to wear. Actually, I think I decided to put this coat on him.
He loved it!

Nom, nom, nom!
And what was Katrina wearing, you ask?

Only the coolest hat this side of the Mississippip, her winter fleece coat, and her Easter dress. Stylin'.
Tonight I decided to finish Daniel's pajamas that I cut out and started sewing maybe two weeks ago. I bought some really cheap knits off the clearance section of They are both thin, but one is super thin. I figured it would be great for some summer pajamas.

It's the same pattern I used for Katrina's cow and hippo pajamas. I remember how much trouble it gave me the first time I used it! It involved at least two calls to my mom and then Adam's mom had to point out what I did wrong so I could take the stitches out and fix it. This time it was a cinch.

Here's a close-up of the fabric. Not the coolest fabric ever, but cute still. It's actually not yellow, but white, that's just the cell phone camera. The biggest problem is one that I actually did anticipate, but still hoped wouldn't happen: the fabric is so thin that even with two layers of fabric and a layer of interfacing, when the snaps are put in, it strains the fabric too much when I try to unsnap them. So I only have one set of snaps in and I'm trying to come up with a solution of what to do with the rest. Velcro? I wish I had plastic snaps. They're used in diapers and I've thought about buying the snap pliers, but it's $30 and now that I've made so many diapers with velcro I won't get as much value from them. For now I'll probably just sew in velcro into the pajamas. But not tonight. It's 11:00, and I'm ready for bed.

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Jolena said...

Adorable as always! Good luck on figuring out how to fasten that fabric.

And I just realized I totally didn't call you like I said I was going to and it's 11:30 there. Oops! Never fear, I will call you tomorrow or if you're busy the next day. I hope it was a good day with no TV!