Monday, June 28, 2010

Lefty or Righty and a few other things

I keep expecting Katrina to settle into being right-handed, but it has yet to happen. She continues to use her utensils in both hands when she eats. I think she favors her right hand most of the time, but I honestly don't pay attention very much. For some reason I think it would be really cool if she were left-handed, mostly because I associate left-handedness with creativity. But you know what would be even cooler? Being ambidextrous! Yeah, I think she should just be ambidextrous.

Morning #1 of no tv went well. I don't like lying, but tell Katrina that the tv is broken is so much easier than telling her that she can't watch it. She just accepts it and moves on to play with something else. I did decide to allow her to watch Toy Story or another movie on the computer if she wants to (so I can get a break from constant playing!), but only one each day. We used that up this morning. I think this evening I'll try to pack everyone up and get us out of the house. Hoorah for breaking the tv addiction! Now if I could just break my internet addiction...

So my embarassment is complete--I have had three phone calls from people asking me if I'm all right after our church display. But more than being embarrassed, I'm just grateful people care. I had a friend bring me dinner and groceries last night, so I can put off my big shopping trip until payday, and then another sister really wanted to help me so she's coming over to watch my kids while I do that shopping trip solo later on this week. It's so nice to have people care. And while it's easier to say: "No, thanks, I'm fine," I understand what it's like to be on the other side and really want to help, so when this sister told me that she and her young son had a goal to do some service every week, I decided, why not? I have been dreading this shopping trip and with her help it will be much easier.

This week, as soon as my correct pattern arrives in the mail (I bought it too small, unfortunately), I will be working on two pioneer dresses for my friend. I also have a few finishing touches on another cycling jersey but those need to wait until Adam gets home. I have two pairs of pajamas cut out for Daniel that I keep putting off but I really need to finish because he's busting out of his current pajamas. I also found a project that I want to do next that I'm super excited about. I have a nice long list of projects but sometimes I find something that I want to do so badly that it immediately gets bumped up the list. I will be making my own version of this wall hanging. I just absolutely love it and the symbolism. I've been wanting some sort of religious art in our bedroom and I think this will be perfect. I will be using my own wedding colors and I bought some bridal satin (because I don't want to cut up my dress!). I've never quilted with curves, so it will be challenging and fun. For the center I want an embroidered Salt Lake Temple, so I will either buy one of those handkerchiefs at Deseret Book or I'll try to master the art of embroidery just well enough to embroider my own.

I love, love, love doing new crafts! It always takes me 20-30 minutes to fall asleep at night, so I sit there planning out my crafts. Of course, then during the day, when I actually have a chance to work on them, I often am lazy and things get put off far more than they have to. I tend to craft in spurts. It's just so much easier to be lazy! Tonight I'm really going to try to finish one of the pairs of pajamas, or even both, since I don't think they're that difficult.

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Seamingly Sarah said...

You are leaps and bounds ahead of me. I am terrible at accepting help.