Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Father's Day!

I was so excited about today. I have a history of being pretty lame with birthdays and other celebrations, so I really wanted to spoil Adam. However, he bought some rollers last week for his bike and so I told him that was his Father's Day gift. But then I got him stuff anyway and finished a project I had been planning for awhile: this tie!
It was super time-consuming. My fabric didn't arrive until Friday, so I had to work on it all last night while Adam was in the other room averting his eyes. It involved lots of ironing and handsewing. Here is the link to the pattern I used. The pattern calls for cotton fabric and two kinds of interfacing, but instead I bought some silk off of Etsy (so hard to find silk that would work for a tie!) and used the interfacing from one of the ties Adam didn't want anymore.
Adam is picky about ties, but he was very happy with both the color and thickness, and super appreciative of the work I put into it, so that made the awfulness of our children all day worth it to me! :]

This was the rest of his present--a bucket Katrina and I decorated at playgroup, candy, soda, a spoke wrench (that made him happier than anything else because I voluntarily went to a bike store and bought a tool for him), and a tie that the kids helped me decorate. Apparently Daniel has reptile hands. Adam wore the tie today to church. :]

This darling girl peed on me during a tantrum today, which cut short our meetings.
This little boy was fairly cranky. Which is normal. Sigh. Adam spent his Father's Day accutely reminded of all of the challenges of fatherhood.
Anyway, Happy Father's Day to my favorite fathers, my own dad, Adam, and Adam's dad, as well as the other men that inspire me, like my brothers!

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