Wednesday, June 23, 2010

All through the night...

After a series of sleepless nights and increasingly difficult days for me as a result, Daniel slept eleven hours straight! I couldn't believe it when Adam's alarm woke me up at 7 am. Then the milk everywhere and the extreme pain reinforced the fact that he had gone to bed at 8 and only woken briefly when we came to bed. I am still basking in the glow of seven hours straight of sleep! I hope this happens again soon, as in, tonight! And every night afterwards! Maybe we'll actually be able to move the kids in to their room together! Whew. I better not get too excited lest tonight be like two nights ago--waking up every two hours.

The main reason I haven't been posting in awhile except for my crafts is because each day is a haze of sleepiness, cranky Daniel, yelling Katrina, hours of tv, and me feeling listless and lazy. I already feel better today, which shows me how important continuous sleep is. Adam and I are trying to get to bed at 11 or earlier every night, which we failed at last night because I was sewing another cycling jersey for him. But if we can be in bed at 11 and Daniel sleeps until 7 or so, I think life will get much better for me, my perpetually trashed house, and my kids and husband who haven't been getting decent meals each night for awhile.

Today has been interesting--I took the kids with me to Joanns this morning, which was difficult as always, but I got some fabric and was able to get it all cut out during Daniel's nap. Daniel slept an hour and a half for his nap, which is a rare occurrence! Since we all got up earlier this morning I put Katrina in bed at noon, and she fell asleep quickly and woke up at 2:30, which is when she often goes down for a nap. Luckily she is having fewer tantrums than normal. Also, I figured out a trick for keeping Daniel happier for longer--stripping him down naked! He never really liked laying on the ground until I started doing that. I'm hoping he'll start rolling around more and maybe even trying to crawl.

So I hesitate to tell you tonight's sewing project, for fear you will all roll your eyes at me. But I will anyway, since I'm very excited about it. It is-----a diaper bag. Yes, I'm making myself yet another diaper bag (the third since Daniel was born, if you're counting!) because although I loved the most recent bag and Adam though it was super cute, it wasn't holding up to the job. It's good for short to medium trips, but I can't really stuff it with more stuff if I need to. So I'm going to create a bag that takes a lot of inspiration from this bag on Etsy. Don't worry about that other bag--I really like it and plan on making more and selling them on Etsy, so it wasn't a waste of money. In fact, each of these bags have cost me between $15 and $20, so they're not exactly bankrupting me to make. And the skills I am learning are so helpful with my goal of selling things on Etsy in a few months.


Jolena said...

I'm so excited that you are going to sell on Etsy! That is fantastic!

SeaminglySarah said...

I love bags with lots of pockets - the more the better!