Saturday, May 15, 2010

Two Pretty Yoga Bags

Look how big my children are getting! They really make every day so much fun, frustrating as they both can be at times. In fact, Daniel is currently crying and I have to take a break to go feed him back to sleep.
Done. This next picture is from earlier today. Daniel and I were snuggling on the couch and I made Adam take a picture because I'm never in pictures.
K, so if you remember from my previous post, this was the photograph I received from my friend with the request to replicate it for her and her sister-in-law.

I googled around and found the site that sells it, which gave me a couple more views and dimensions. From that I proceeded and made these two totes!
I wish I had a yoga mat to slip into the side and show you what it looks like.

Here they are side by side. I think the red and black one is more striking in person but the red and brown one photographs better.
Here's a peek inside at the open pockets and a glimpse of the zipper pocket. I realize my photography skills are lacking; I tried to take pictures of my process of sewing in order to make a tutorial and they all stunk.
And one last picture of each for good measure.

Can you tell that I'm really proud of this project? I'm really happy that I was able to come up with this from just the picture. I want to see the actual bag in person and compare! :] Up next I am making cycling clothes for Adam (from a pattern, thank goodness!) and then I have another bag that I'm modeling after a bag of my mother-in-law's.
I'm showing off at Show and Tell at Blue Cricket Design, Strut Your Stuff at Somewhat Simple, and Sew N Tell at AmyLouWho.


Stephanie Lynn said...

Fabulous job! The bags are super cute and I love the mat holder on the side! Gorgeous fabrics too!

Sew It Up Baby! said...

How clever of you to figure this all out. The effort was so worth it because your bag is amazing!

Leslie said...

these are awesome

Dayna said...

This is like The Gift of the Magi: you wish you had a yoga mat, and I wish I had one of these bags! What a great finish!

Keep snuggling those babies. These days will fly by. I remember, and I miss it. Our youngest will be 11 next month, and our eighteen-year-old will graduate from our homeschool next week. They can totally frustrate things at times (as can we, as well), but they bring so much joy. Motherhood is truly the best job!

Heather said...

You should be proud! You did a great job putting those together without any pattern. They're beautiful! Your little ones are adorable, too! :o)