Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Tuesday pictures

While writing this post I discovered that Katrina has a chipped tooth! She fell off her chair at the table today and her mouth was bleeding, so I comforted her and gave her a wet paper towel to suck on. I don't remember it being chipped then but since that was the only time today she's had blunt trauma to the face (leaving rug burns on her nose!), that must be the culprit. We found a pediatric dentist online and I'm going to try to get her seen this week. It's really sharp.

This is probably a blackmail picture, but I thought I would show off Katrina's excellent style choices. You can't see, but she's wearing Buzz Lightyear underwear.
Daniel in his Star Trek diaper.

This is often what we do for playtime. Daniel sits on her bed and Katrina plays.
Katrina likes to climb on things.
More fun style choices. She lost her shorts between these photos because she found some Toy Story alien underwear that she wanted to wear instead. Do you like the jacket when the weather is in the eighties?
Quick picture of me and Daniel.
And as a reminder of what to look forward to tonight:

Another episode of LOST!

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